The story of the apple tree

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Once upon a time, there lived a large apple tree and a boy who likes to play around under the tree every day. He was happy to climb up to the top of the tree, eat the fruit, dozing in the shade of leafy leaves. The boy loved the tree. Similarly, the apple trees are very loving little boy.

Time passed. The boy has now grown up and no longer tinker with the tree every day. One day she came to the apple tree. His face looked sad.

"Come over here and play with me," pleaded the apple tree.

"I'm not a little girl playing with a tree again." the boy said. "I'd love to have toys, but I had no money to buy it."

Apple tree replied, "Duh, I'm sorry I did not have money ... but you're allowed to take all of my apple fruit and sell it. You can get the money to buy toys're into."

The boy was very happy. He grabbed all the apples on the tree and went joyfully. However, after the boy never came again. The tree was back sad.

One day the boy came again. Apple trees are very pleased to see it coming. "Let's play games with me again." the tree said. "I do not have time," the boy said. "I have to work for my family. We need a house for shelter. Will you help me?"

"Duh, I'm sorry I did not have a house. But you can cut down all the branches rantingku to build your house." the tree said. Then the boy cut down all the branches and twigs of the tree and left happily. The tree was also felt happy to see the boy's delight, but the boy never came back again. The tree was again lonely and sad.

One summer, the boy came again. Apple tree felt very joyful welcome it. "Let's play games again deganku." the tree said. "I'm sorry," the boy said. "I am old and want to live in peace. I want to go on vacation and sailing. Will you give me a boat for a cruise?"

"Duh, I'm sorry I do not have a boat, but you can cut the stem of my body and use it to make the ship you want. Go sailing and have fun. Then, the boy cut the tree trunk and make a boat that is craved. He then went sailing and never again came to the apple tree. Finally, the boy came again after so many years later.

"I'm sorry my son," said the apple tree. "I've never had an apple again for you." "It's okay. I've also had no teeth to bite apelmu fruit." The boy said. "I do not have a trunk and branches can you climb." The tree said.

"Now, I'm too old for that." the boy said.

"I really do not have anything else I can give you. What was left was my roots are old and dying." The tree said with tears. "I do not need anything else right now." said the boy. "I just needed a place to rest. I was very tired after such a long time to leave." "Oooh, that's great. You know, the old tree roots is the best place to lie down and rest. Come, let lying in the arms of my roots and rest in peace."

The boy was lying in the arms of tree roots. The tree was very happy and smiling with tears in his eyes. It is the story of us all. The tree is our parents. When we are young, we are happy to play with our father and mother. When we grow up, we leave them, and only come when we need something or in trouble. No matter what, parents will always be there to give what they can give to make us happy. You may think that the boy had been very rough on the tree, but that's how we treat our parents.

Most important: to love our parents. Tell our parents now, how much we love him; and thank you for your entire life has been and will be given to us

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