The Thoughts Behind 'WEB'

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The images above are to represent two different things. The Square eyes represent the fact that we are constantly looking at screens, such as computer screens, mobile phones, TV’s. The ‘X’ is the represent that we aren't talking anymore, because we can message, or Facebook someone instead. These are also the shots I want the camera to move in and spin at the same time.


The sting is to go with the mannequin head. I am going to keep cutting back to the string to keep the audience thinking about where its going and what it is. Every so often Facebook statuses, pictures, and things associated with games such as controllers (and how they have progressed), will be hung up on pegs.This is to represent the amount of rubbish we are fed today.


This will be the reveal at the end. This represents the consent stream of network being fed into us. The Boxes again represent Square eyes, and the fact that we are always looking at a computer screen, phone screen or TV. The ‘X’ represents how people are unable to talk because they are being fed social media all the time. They have basically lost there voice through technology. This will be shot on a track and dolly, and will slowly pan in towards the mannequin, this is also where sound will play a big part, I want it to end on a high pitch tune, with the old dialup sound coming in and out.


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