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      After more than two or three decades of war and chaos in the country ,both Afghan men and women now share efforts and work hard to help rebuild their country and move towards a better future . Meanwhile they have lots of hops and expectations for their own lives.


The woman empowerment is one of those powers that can change the society in each part of that.


      If a moment supposition that there were no woman in the world what tided? The answer of this question is clear; that there were no existence and no exults.

Women can study, work and many things like men in the society.

Women also have many authorities if they want represent it.


       We can ascribed the society like a bird that it usually has two pinion ,the first limb is man and second one is woman .if both wing of a bird   doesn't have the same power and can't interlard the common strength ,the fly of the bird will not be on mete that can plane on high altitude .



        In this way film annex and women annex is one of a resource that can develop and improve the empowerment and capacity of women they have many project for those women that they want work and increase their caliber .from this they can receipt money to solve their economy problems and also progress their writing and become a profitable personage in the society. Those women that they don't want work out of their houses it is a good   opportunity for them for example in Taliban regime women did not work out of their houses.


        Film annex and women annex is pave the ground for women to use from social Medias like: face book, tweeter, tumbler, g mail, Linked in

To write article and share their purview with these social Medias and correlate with each other and it is able to mention about social media and it is clear for all that social media in recent decade improve precipitate and every one can use it in every part of the world.



At last we can say that in many regions and districts, extremists remain at large who try and prevent women to work, brave women still continue to help their family.                 


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