There is Forever in LOVE

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          Are you in-love? It's a nice feeling right? It's always been so good that there is someone taking care of you. Someone can make you laugh when you are crying, cheer you up when you are down, play with you when you are bored...your #1 Fan! 


  Being in-love is such a wonderful feeling if the relationship is smooth sailing but it's also like a "poison" that can softly killing you if the relationship is in trouble. It seems like you are fighting in a lost battle. Admit it or not, the usual problems of couples is 3rd party!! It's really annoying and bothering. Because we knew to ourselves that it might take away our partner to us. 


           True. Tukso (temptation) is really hard to resist specially for men. There is a lot of flirt scattered everywhere..or sometimes,they said they don't expect to fell in-love with someone else..this thing could also happens with girls but more lowest percentage than men. If you are really in-love, AVOID THIS TEMPTATION AROUND YOU. That is Caps lock to highlight the main reason of separations because of 3rd party. You cannot fight it..but you can avoid yourself to fall in it...keep on reminding yourself that you love her/him because you have to prove your loyalty..and dignity as a person.

             An old cliche says "collect and collect then select". Sounds cool and funny but it's not healthy...both literally and emotionally. It may cause you discontented for every relationship you might have until they will tired of loving you and li'l by little you would notice that no one will trust to love you anymore. You might get old alone or if such a lucky person, you can still get married and make a family but...the truth about your being playful will hunt you. "Karma" could be done to your children if you are "lucky enough" that it's not with you. But the truth is, more painful. More harder to accept. An  it's all because you did not respect LOVE!!


  In other hand,some in-love out there is soooo cool...this someone cannot afford to hurt their partner or better half...even if they knew how and when to do this but instead they choose to be LOYAL AND HONEST... That's why I believe in FOREVER. if you are really in-love...fight for your right..or rather stop making lapit to Tukso, so you guys will never need to fight for anything else. Prove that there is FOREVER. 

"I know each of us knew the feeling of being in-love...that's quite happy....specially if these two people grow old together.... and I know in my heart..there is FOREVER!!!"


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