Things Girls Hate About Guys

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There are some important tips to avoid making your girl mad on you :  

- Don't Look at another girl : When you are with your girlfriend don't look at another girl, if she catches you flirting with another girl you will be in trouble.

- Don't Stop her from her guy friends : Usually your girlfriend has guy friends and they are still her friends, if you trust her you don't need to control her. and don't let her to be so so much as Winkie -Face ?

- Reply to your girl's text immediately : Don't keep her waiting or ignore her texts…

- Answer back to your girlfriends when she calls you : they are usually busy and can't respond to your call, when they call back answer the call, don't let it go into voice mail, they know you start game with her.. 

- Standup for her : If someone is disrespectful to her, you should standup for her, when your girl insulted, you shouldn't stand idly … 

- Don't " Like " other girls on Facebook : You have a girlfriend, you don't need to like other girls notification. 

- No Drama on Facebook or Twitter : You are not have to start a war on Twitter or Facebook because someone comment on your girlfriend notification. 

- When girl say she's fine don't say Ok : because something is wrong with her. keep asking …

- Respect her boundaries : Don't pry into her business, if she wanted to know about, she would would probably told you.

- To hangout with your friends don't blow her off : if you don't have time for her and all the time busy with your friends why you are dating each other ?

- Don't fight : When your girl is talking with another guy and the guy is trying to move in on her, don't punch into his face …. 

- Don't stop her from hanging out with her friends : she don't want to drop her friends because of you. she need her space and time with her girls. 

- Don't text your feeling with acronym : if you really love her spend some time for.

- Don't keep her waiting when you text her : if she wait for long, she is wondering what is more important than talking to her. She thinks maybe there is another pretty girl …

- Don't offer other girls your clothes : even if she is there and allow you to do it. Your girl is the only one who is allowed to have your clothes. they feel closer to you and try to keep that feel closer  

- Don't say another girl is pretty : even if she says, " that girl is pretty ? isn't it ? . don't agree, if you agree by mistake she snap you back, but if she is so pretty why you don't date her? 

However if you are hand some, you can fuck with her Sometimes and do some of them in reverse, to see her jealous face, it gives you pleasure as a Heaven !  if you think you can't find another one or you are not on demand try to be careful with her, because there is a risk of losing her .. =))


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