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Hello! Here I am to introduce myself. My nickname is Sam. I am a blogger and a professional writer for some large Indonesian and English sites such as Ucnews, Skillonpage, and Jalantikus. I work as a freelance writer and a sometimes get some orders on graphic designing and image editing jobs from my clients. The most paying service of mine is e-book translation. I offer e-book translation from English to Indonesian, including the text on the images of the ebook's cover and pages.

My Blogging Journey

There were a lot of challenges when it was the beginning I started to become a blogger. I started my blog from zero traffic, write a lot of articles, and I also should build the network of my blog on social media and other guest post sites. I started to become a professional and full-time blogger since 2015. But I have been learning a lot about SEO, blogging, and blog writing since 2009. From the journey of my blogging since the beginning, it was hard, and there's no one knows you as a blogger. But as time went by, there I am aware that blogging is about building my personal brand and my business brand. It's not enough to write on your blog, but you also need to do guest posting on many sites.

My Blog Earnings

You would not get anything from what you've written on your blog as long as you don't monetize it. Besides, a young blog age would also get nothing as there's a small number of traffic or visitors. But if you keep posting and building the networking, you will earn more and more based on your work performance. There are many good earning programs for bloggers such as affiliate programs, publisher programs, and much more. But if you would like to start blogging, you need to take into note that blogging is not one night make money program with a simple work. I have done a lot of hard works for years to make my blogs as my primary income source. But again, you need to know the rules, strategies, and the right way on how to optimize your blog. For example, SEO (offpage and onpage), writing strategies, etc.

Why did I Start a Full-time Blogger?

The answer is simple. It was because I love writing and I see a great income prospect in the future from becoming a professional blogger.  Besides, becoming a blogger fun for me, as I write everything that I like and get more knowledge and skills from what I have read and written. If you start blogging, you'll also read a lot of other people's blogs to get inspirations and ideas for what you are going to write. So, there you will learn a lot from the experienced people. So, do you want to start blogging? If so, think again, whether or not blogging is your passion. If blogging is your passion, you'll never stop adding articles on your blog, but you'll want more and more. The reason is that, nowadays, blogging is an excellent method for personal branding.

Finally, blogging is not only about writing articles, but everything you do best on your blogging would bear a great impact on your professional path and also build your online presence. I love blogging!

If you want to ask something about blogging or would like to share your blogging experience with me, please share me on the comment box below. If you would like to do some mutual exchange with me, just shoot me a private message.

Thank you for reading my blog, and don't forget to follow me for other good ideas about blogging.

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