This is my life!

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I woke up with eyes of red; washed my face and started eating breakfast.

There were two things in my breakfast, a tea without sugar, bread without cooked. I ate my breakfast but I was not enough.

Then, I went to school with a torn school shirt, with old and big shoes and with full notebooks. (The shirt, shoes and notebooks are things that I begged from others.)

My school is far from the house I must went with my legs. I must carried my big bag too.

In the classroom, my classmates ate something; I looked on them, outing my tongue and thinking of the taste.

The teacher entered to the class, asked for the homework, I done my homework but it was in a full and dirty notebook.

He asked me for the homework, I showed him, but he slapped me, because of my dirty notebook.

The teacher read the lesson and I was listening. He finished the lesson and asked; who is going to read? I raised my hand, he selected me, I stood to read, but everyone laughed on me.

They called me (Moche) is going to read; I was not hearing their voice and started reading to end.

The school finished. Everyone out from school, it was the time of lunch, but no lunch for me, I must worked.

I went to the place of my work and started calling, “who wants a clean shoes, let me clean your shoes!” I earned a hundred Afghani; it was nice day for me, because I earned more than other days.

The sky was going to dark, I was going to go to home and I was stomachache too, because nothing was in my stomach. I looked on fruit carts, but I didn’t buy anything. I was going to buy two breads, I bought the breads. I was going to buy a half kilo of tomato with onion and oil.

Oh I forgot the drug! My mom drug has finished, I entered hands to my pocket, and just 30 Afghani remained. I went to drugstore and bought the drug. The seller asked me for 40 Afghani, but I had only thirty. I told him to borrow me, he accepted.

It was the time to go to home. I knocked the door, a lil boy opened, and that was my lil brother. He asked from the things in my hand, he was also hungry as me. He didn’t eat the lunch, because he didn’t find something to eat.

A small girl asked me what I bring for her, she was my lil sister. I answered nothing as always. She cried, cried and cried.

I entered to a room without carpet, mattress and others. That was our room, the room that a kind man helped us. Mom! Are you ok? She is answered “yes” but I knew that she was not.

Now I’m in my bed my day past as other days. I am an Afghan boy and this is my life!

BY: Muhammad Elias Hatimi

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