Tips for new comers on Bitlanders

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The reason behind joining #bitlanders is to get money. So everyone should focus on BITCOINS as i am. 

I dont have much bitcoins yet as me also a beginner but two days ago i find the way how to get coins as early as possible.

Getting coins by subscribing:

The best way to earn is to subscribe others. More subscribers is propotional to more buzzez.  When you get buzzes then you get more coins. So subscribe others as much as possible.

Uploading movies:

Try to upload movies once in a day. This could be a good way to earn but not as much good as subscribing others. The reason is you have to promote movies to get more buzzez and that requires GEMS.  So if you have gems than this will be the best way to earn bitcoins.

Making blogs:

Blogs could be easy for everyone to write on any useful topic. Choose any topic and go for writing on that topic. Try to add images and videos in blogs this would be helpful. 

Posting Microblogs:

Microblogs means you post everything you do in a day. Post your daily routine as you post on other social platforms like on Facebook,Twitter etc. Try to post as much as possible.

Uploading Photos:

Post photos through which people like you and you get subscribed by them. The best way is to post funny photos because everyone like fun and funny things. 

Daily Quests:

Try to complete your daily quests. Read blogs and watch videos could be easy for everyone . So please i request all of you complete these two quests daily.  Other two quests could be easy for some people but this would be difficult for most of the people.

Most Important:

Most important thing is you must log in once in a day. when you log in after 24 hours then you awarded by daily bonus in the form of COINS.  So try to log in once in a day. HELPFULL for everyone. 


My Advice:

My advice is to subscribe as much as possible. When you get more subscribers then everything you post like photos,blogs,movies etc Your subscribers see your posts and in return you get more buzzes on that.

Stay Blessed and keep using this platform. 

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