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What is bitlanders?

Bitlander is a site of bitcoin. Bitcoin is a currency type.

1 bitcoin rate is 400$ minimum, you can earn money with simple method. This site have no personal rule. This site design for help of the poor people. You can minimum amount payout of 0.2 bitcoin mean 80$. Join this site and earn money. How can I do work:- This site like a media site. You just follow few step. 1) Join this site and set your profile.

2) Subscribe of this site members for tow days.

3) You need maximum subscribers 5000 to earn with profit.

4) Manege your video, Blog, Pictures,post blogs, etc.

5) After subcribe 5000 members daily enter your post movies, picture, blogs, etc. How much you can earn daily:- You can daily earn 0.01 btc to 0.02 btc mean 8$ to 16$ daily just follow my 5 step. This site design for your help so do not wast your spear time in scam sites. Is this site provide online service:- Yes, this site provide online service for you, you have tow option one payout and other is online shopping with balance.

Writer : Aitazaz Mir 

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