Tips on how to cure Dandruffs (Tropical Areas)

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Dandruff is one of the most problematic scalp problems the tropical countries people have. This Dandruff is very irritating and can cause people not to focus on things and may also lead to less confidence. Here are some tips.

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1. Wash your hair regularly or take a bath every day.
Cleaning your hair is a must specially those people who live in the city. Our hair accumulates a lot of dust and bacteria which may lead to scalp irritation and may cause dandruff. Clean your hair every day to prevent dandruff. Prevention is the best solution before curing it.Swim, Wash, Shower, Face, Soap, Foam, Clean, Funny

2. Use shampoo but do not use it every day. (Use Minimal amount as possible)
Shampoos have a lot of chemicals that can cleanse your hair but having too much of it may still cause dandruff. Choosing the right Shampoo is a good cure but always remember not to use it too much.

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3. Cleanse your Hair Properly with water.
If you are using shampoo, you must properly cleanse it with water to prevent residue on your hair. When you have residues on shampoo this can irritate the scalp and may cause more dandruffs.

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4. Massage your hair properly when cleaning it.

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5. Clean your comb at least twice a week .
When you already have dandruff, as you comb your hair the dandruffs stick on your comb so if you are under treating your dandruff clean your comb so that bacteria won’t go back to your hair as you use it from time to time.

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With these simple tips your hair will change :) enjoy CHEERIO

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Here are other remedies if you don't want to use much of of your shampoo. These are household materials and quite native but works 100% in killing those dandruff causing bacteria. I've tried it myself so why wont you? :) Enjoy the video.  

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