Top 10 Largest Armies Of The World- See Where Pakistan Stands!

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The world is increasingly becoming a military place, and although numbers aren’t everything when it comes to military strategies- the sheer size does lend a certain advantage.

Check our list of the largest armies of the world, take a guess where Pakistan ranks before reading on:

1. The United States of America – 1,429,995

US Army

No surprise here- the American troops are currently deployed in nearly hundred and fifty countries, and their annual budget has allocated more than $612 BILLION to their army. And that’s not even counting their nuclear arsenal.

2. China – 2,285,000

China army

In reality, largest active military personnel is in China, also the most populous country in the world. Their defense budget spending is $126 Billion, but they do lag behind in Navy and Aircraft from the US. Nonetheless- this sheer size is no joke!

3. Russia – 1,040,000

Russian Tank Parade

US’s rival cold war enemy still packs a major punch. It’s defense budget spending is approximatly $76.6 billion.  Its high ranking is fueled by superior armor numbers and a large navy.

4. India – 1,325,000

Indian Army

With roughly $46 billion in its defense spending, India has a large number of service members, and a considerable number of aircraft, and tanks. It is also the world’s largest importer of military goods. 

5. South Korea – 1,106,000

South Korea

Due to the imminent threat from North Korea, the country is steadily increasing its military strength and capabilities. It’s defense spending is currently $34 billion, and has a relatively large army compared to its size.

6. Pakistan – 617,000

Pakistani troops patrol on a hill top post in Ladha

To maintain the security of its borders, Pakistani government maintains a large budget for its defense spending. Pakistan’s high ranking is fueled by its active military personnel, and a respectable fleet of aircraft, and tanks. It imports great quantities of military weapons from US and China and continues to develop new technology to fight off enemy threats.

7. Turkey – 664,060

Turkish army

Turkish preparations have become more rigorous as ISIS stands at its doorsteps, and due to the ongoing conflict in Syria. It’s upgrading its navy and a large military force with a good number of tanks.

8. Iraq – 578,269

Iraq army

The Iraqi military forces have been rebuilt a number of times over the years- most recently it collapsed with the fall of Saddam Hussein. Now, it’s rebuilt through US assistance and is overseen by the Ministry of Interior.

9. Iran – 523,000

Iranian Tank

Iran has a contentious relationship with the US, it’s neighbors, and with its own populace-hence, a large amount is spent on its defense and training of active military force. To be noted- the current number excludes the 60,000 Iranian military police force. Quite surprising.

10. Japan


Japan in recent years has increased its defense spending, in response to growing disputes with China. It has the fifth largest air force in the world, but a fun fact to be noted- Japanese military is bound by a peace clause in its constitution which makes it illegal for the country to have an offensive army. 

A summary of the world’s largest armies in the world showcased through this map. (It may not entail all that we have in the above list but it’s similar:)

World's largest armies

Are you proud of the sheer size and strength of Pakistan’s army? We certainly are.

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