Top Software Companies In India

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So am into software field after my btech. So I had a look in to the top 10 software companies in Delhi. I am amazed on the fact that I am still unemployed even though many companies came for hiring my colleagues. I felt really sad as I didn't get campus placement, still. If you look into the list of that website, almost 60% of those companies had the presence in our college which is amazing and it might be because of the locality. 

I had the dream the join the best company in the world which is Google. A small wish, isn't it? Considering the fact that only a few Indian students get placed in giant companies like Google or Amazon, it's nothing to worry about. But when not even local companies are interested in us, it doesn't feel well. I have attended all damn campus placements. I feel like all companies are coming just to make me feel. So FK you companies in India. 

I had a very bitter experience with Dhruv Soft Technology. They came and just bashed me. I agree that I am dumb and I don't know much. But telling it straight to your face was really a bitter experience. I hope non of you would face such humilations from any companies ever! 


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