Top Ten less Stressful Jobs in USA

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Top 10 less Stressful Jobs in USA

Different carriers are there is the world to cope with different demands. Every field of specialization is different from the other but, in one way or the other, interconnected with one another. Working environment for every job is different and the mainly the carriers differ due to this feature. Stress or depression factor is very significant in life. Stress can be defined as a positive or negative pressure on mind which can increase or decrease your performance depending upon the intensity and repetition. No job is perfect and there is very little population in the world that is happy with their jobs. Stress is part of every job but according to a recent survey, the less stressful jobs are also there that generate less stressful impulses in the job holder. Depression is a prolonged form of stress and there are manynatural therapies to combat depression or stress phase. Anyway, following is given a list of Top 10 Less Stressful Jobs that will enable you to identify the best and easy job. However there may be a fluctuation in the pay rate of these jobs depending upon the working hours.

10. Drill Press Operator

Top 10 less Stressful Jobs in USA: Drill Press Operator

A Drill Press Operator needs the proficiency on how to drill, countersink, bore, refine, and ream metal and plastic work pieces. Setting up of the drilling machines is also included in it; therefore it is called drill press operating as this is simply the operation of the drill press. It requires heavy task with industrial background and is under the manufacturing industry. This job is of course risk, and has a rate of 11.32 with a median salary of $31, 910 and a 6% job outlook.

9. Librarian

Top 10 less Stressful Jobs in USA: Librarian

A librarian position has never been forgotten despite of the swift and immediate accessing modern internet tools at present. In this modern period of technology e-books are available for e-book readers, and the readers can store hundreds or thousands of books in a small, easy to carry device and take it anywhere but even then a librarian position was never outdated. Due to less skill requirements, this is one of the most appreciated jobs and the only need is to know how to organize and access new library resources. The person only should have the knowledge of resources and library management. This job has a stress rate of 10.58% with a median salary of $54,500 and a 7% job outlook.

8. Hairstylist

Top 10 less Stressful Jobs in USA: Hair dresser/ Hair stylist

A hairstylist earns the lowest salary on the list of less stressful 2013 jobs. Nevertheless, this is among the four jobs on this list that does not require supervision after getting skill. This is the reason that despite of its median salary of $22,500 the person won’t be stressed out. This job is included in beauty services and requires the skills of hair cutting, styling, coloring, and other hairdressing proficiency. Satisfying services provision will lead other gratuities on top of the salary, which becomes a very openhanded job. This job has a stress rate of 10.41% with a 14% job outlook.

7. Dietitian

Top 10 less Stressful Jobs in USA: Dietitian

Depending on the field of application and practice, here are different types of dieticians who also have a leading role for the betterment of public health. Dieticians prepare, supervise, and implement programs for the regulation and serving of meal amounts. This is a job for certified dietitians and nutritionists. This job has a stress score of 10.24 with a median salary of $53, 250 and a 20% job outlook.

6. Audiologist

Top 10 less Stressful Jobs in USA: Audiologist

An audiologist ensures the patient’s tinnitus concerns and balances the hearing problems. With the use of modern technologies and computers, they interpret and administer necessary tests for the sake of kids and adult patients. This is normally of hospitals and clinic job and the specialists also work with other hospital specialists such as surgeon, pediatricians, neurologists, and even with speech and language therapists. After getting the skill they do not require any supervision and set their working hours. This job has a stress score of 19.35% with a median salary of $66,660 and a 37% job outlook.

5. Medical Laboratory Technician

Top 10 less Stressful Jobs in USA: Laboratory technician

Medical Laboratory Technician assists most of the physicians and the surgeons, either in public or private hospitals and clinics and performs the complete diagnostics for patients’ case. Their responsibility includes all routine and standard laboratory tests like chemistry, coagulation, hematology, microbiology and immunology. The person should be equipped in acquired laboratory skills so that they can gather, collect, and interpret precise data. This job has a stress score of 9.28% with a median salary of $46, 680, and a 13% job outlook.

4. Fashion Jeweler

Top 10 less Stressful Jobs in USA: Fashion Jeweler

A jeweler is a person who has the creative abilities of making jewelry designs, repairing it, and making the product marketable. Jewelry is among the most precious products in the market, which comprises various and prized gems in the world. This job does not demand much time but it is considered as a business more than a career. This job has a stress score of 8.26 with a median salary of $35, 170 and a negative 5% job outlook.

3. Medical Record Technician

Top 10 less Stressful Jobs in USA: Medical Record Technician

Medical Record Technician collects, handles, organizes, and manages health data or information. The person deals the paper works and assures the personal details, including medical data are accurate, complete, concise, and classified medical data using unified systems of modern devices and technology. They work with most of the physicians in hospitals and clinics. This job has a stress score of 7.5% with a median salary of $32, 350 and a 21% job outlook.

2. Seamstress/Tailor

Top 10 less Stressful Jobs in USA: Tailor

Seamstress and Tailor are actually two different jobs, but included under the same industry of clothing and garments. Seamstresses are referred to females who sew seams and work as machine operators in a garment factory in order to produce bulks of garments. Tailors are referred to males who have expertise in repairing, altering, and making professional clothing. This job has no supervision at all since they have clients that they serve and work with. One should posses the creative ability that is not just innate, but can be developed over time. This job has a stress rate of 6.5% with a median salary of $$25, 850, and a 1% job outlook.

1. University Professor

Top 10 less Stressful Jobs in USA: Professor

This job is on the top of this list as it is clearly obvious that University Professor puts more pressure on students. There is no one who can boss them around, and put a stress on doing things at the particular times and days duration. This is one of the highest paying and most enjoyable jobs especially for the persons who love teaching. It supports the 17% job outlook as it is not comparable with an elementary and secondary level teacher who requires evaluations in order to get an increment in salary. An additional plus side of this job is the tenureship or lifetime employment that secures your financial future. The median salary of this job is $ 62,050, with a stress score of only 6.45%.

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