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bitLanders has been up and running for more than a decade already. Through the years, the site has undergone various changes to keep up with innovative trends of the time. Nowadays, it cannot be contested that the digital age is upon us. True to its adaptable nature, the site has partnered up or currently has a joint venture with Querloan industry visionary in the field of Artificial Intelligence blogging.

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What is AI Blogging?

This particular term might be an unfamiliar to some. However, when the two root words – AI and Blogging – are taken separately, more people can certainly relate. Because of this, let us drill down the definition of the two items individually.

A.I. 101 – Artificial Intelligence Context

With the exponential (and continuously rising) growth of technology, more people are becoming disoriented with the actual definition of Artificial Intelligence and its core functionality. Many people will mistakenly double it for robotics. Some maybe associate it or assume that it has something to do when a digital concept has a significant breakthrough.

Of course, this is totally understandable given how AI is projected in mainstream media (particularly in science fiction movies) – it can do this, do that; it is self aware and can think for itself; it will enslave mankind.

Ok, the last one is a little far fetch but that is how it was depicted in The Terminator film series. Seriously though, it is quite important to have the basic understanding of AI’s core meaning to avoid false assumption or misinterpretation of what it can or cannot do in the future.

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In its most simple context, Artificial Intelligence can be described as the back-end concept of an application or program that allows it to look like having human intelligence. The application is designed to copy or replicate human cognitive function thereby making it appear that it can simulate a human’s

  • decision making capability
  • problem solving capacity
  • or it can complete a task.

Some popular examples of applications that exhibits the above AI replicated human functions would be

  1. Apple's Siri
  2. A program that can analyze charts and trends
  3. A computer playing chess
  4. How Google or Amazon suggest websites and products.

Blogging and Vlogging – predecessors of C-Blogging

Just like Artificial Intelligence, many people are familiar with blogging. But do they truly understand what it is? For instance, why is a blog differentiated from a website? As much as I want to discuss blogging in detail, this post will focus only in some of its aspect – specifically: blogging, vlogging, and chat blogging.

Blogging in one of its simplest origin can be described as an online journal or diary. It started out at a time when the internet is relatively new and people are beginning to discover that they can have their very own personal space (or voice) via blogging. They wrote about their opinions, thoughts, ideas, etc…

As more people and more people learns to blog and writing about different topics, some blogs eventually became very long and repetitive. Blogging then naturally evolve to vlogging – popularly known as video blogging. A vlog is similar to blog in many aspects except for the medium to how it is presented. If a blog is written, a vlog is depicted through a video.

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C-Blogging and AI Blogging

Let us now go to C-Blogging or chat blogging. In a certain sort of way, a C-Blogging is an excellent example of Artificial Intelligence blogging. In this type of blog, the reader is given a couple of choices wherein the flow of the content will depend on what was chosen. Basically, a C-blog is written in such a way that reader interaction is needed.

Due to its design, a C-blog has one great benefit over a traditional blog and a vlog – and that advantage is faster interaction. Although, blogs and vlogs offer communication to its viewers through comments or Q&A sections, there is still some form of wait time to get back to a viewer’s inquiries or remarks. And in this age where everything digital is fast paced, near real time interaction is key.

To see and fully appreciate an Artificial Intelligence Chat blog, below is an example

That’s just about it. It’s likely that some readers are part of the Millenials group and might not be familiar with the early films of the Terminator movie series.

To such readers, don’t worry. Below is a trailer of the first Terminator movie released last 1984. This may sound unbelievable, but the movie effects of that film is considered space age during those days.

Video Credits: YouTube by Movieclips Classic Trailers

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