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Topic about manners

see also courtesy to have manners is to know how to behave in a social environment . because children are taught manners at home people say someone with good manners has good breeding , manners is not very different from etiquette which is the conventional rules of personal behavior in polite society . often good manners are the way we show consideration for the feeling of others people with good manners treat poor or helpless people with the basic respect they would show to the rich and powerful – or their own family .


john: what is the difference between good manners and bad manners ?every culture society and class has different ideas about what constitutes good manners in Victorian England for example, people’s behavior and manners were government by very strict rules . things have changed very much since then . most people live in multi –culture societies now . so there are not so many hard and fast rules about manners any more however .

most people still appreciate others who are polite and considerate , and cand people almost automatically display good manners basic good manners means offering respect to people who are older than you being courteous and welcoming to strangers and not putting yourself first . to mention a few concrete examples:


 do not push though a door first ,but standing aside for others offer you seat on the bus or train to an older  person without a seat explain the way to a stranger that is obviously lost;

 do not call someone older that you by their first name when they have not given you permission to do so  another guideline for good manners is not to behave in a way that would make other people uncomfortable.

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