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Perseverance and patience, or commonly known as patience. Edison formulated to become genius gifted 10% of the remaining 90% due to persevere.

Perseverance is a character, may be due to genetic, environmental or practice that. Those with "gene" will persevere with the expression in terms of the persistence of form. It is the first natural gas. This character can be strengthened or weakened by environmental impacts or support functions are clustered. The parents can recognize early in their children and have the appropriate method to form in your child perseverance. For adults, if their identification is not possible to practice perseverance to improve this part of his personality. Here are some experiences:

1) squat, best attendance Vovinam martial or akido.

2) Practice deep breathing and long. When can swim increasingly long diving

3) Self-deluding ourselves by working out the sentence "I am persevering" to the bedroom, the desk, the status on your computer, mobile phone.

4) Make friends, would like to work with people who succeed through persistence to pursue a certain passion.

5) Read books about examples of perseverance as Jack Welch, Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs ...

6) Every day for 15 minutes of time to do exercises such as pouring the match and picked up the box several times each rod.


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