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I’ve known Gareth Grobler, the founder of the new bitcoin and litecoin exchange ICE Cubed in South Africa, for a while now, but it always seemed as the two of us were keeping too busy to meet up. I had the pleasure of recording an interview with Gareth on another busy London afternoon. Gareth was coming from a meeting at Canary Wharf, and left to another meeting at Tower Bridge, once our hour long interview finished. I was getting my kit prepared for a two week production in East Africa, bitcoin related, of-course.
The South African exchange and my travels to East Africa were an excellent starting point to a fascinating conversation. Given the Mt. Gox debacle a few days prior to our recording and, the extra transparent information (in bitcoin terms), provided publicly by ICE Cubed; accountability and regulation were also discussed. Gareth described Gox as a wake up call, calling for more accountability from exchanges and, for the Goxed to be more aware of how their assets are managed.
Gareth thinks that bitcoin cannot and should not be regulated. He thinks that the casino approach should be taken and the individuals who deal with fiat as well as managing clients assets should be licensed.
We also discussed the new cooperation between Standard Bank and Switchless, which got a lot of headlines in the bitcoin media outlets. Gareth does not believe that this is something that we will see used by the bank externally in the next eighteen months, but never-the-less thinks it is a great way forward. This, in Gareth’s opinion is another proof that Africa, whether on an individual or an institutional level is full of entrepreneurship.
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iceCUBED Exchange have recently joined forces with Alakanani Itireleng:

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