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1 Scientific name: Angelica dahurica (Fisch.) Benth. et Hook or Trans angelica tree (Angelica anomala Ave-Lall.)
2 Name: Need (Apiaceae)
3 another name: Hangzhou angelica.
4 Description:
Plants: Plants, 0.5-1m or more high, perennial, stems cylindrical, hollow, unbranched. Large leaf, stem, below kelp grow into body hugging, leaf blade 2-3 times sawn feather, edge toothed, hairy on veins on the face. Inflorescence double canopy, rises in flame, small white flowers. Results hold, flat, full of fragrant plants.
Pharmacy: root panicle shape, straight or curved, length 10-20 cm, diameter portion to be able to 3 cm, the lower tapered gradually. The outer surface brownish yellow bulbs, also traces the roots were removed, along with many wrinkles and prominent lenticels a horizontal rough spots. Cross section of white or ivory. Floor born bast - clear timber. Physically hard, jagged wound broke, many powder. Pungent aroma, spicy, slightly bitter.
5 Distribution:
White Tree planting only in our country. Pharmaceuticals must enter a section.
6 Cultivation:
Angelica seed grown. White seeds have been bred only in Sapa, Tam Dao or similar climates and must be taken from 2-year-old trees. In plain, angelica blossom and results, but only in plain White particles can not be used. It will only degrade Bach trees, flowering early to geese, wood roots shall not be used as drugs.
In the high mountains, grown for seed in 2-3 months or 5-6 months of next year will be collected seeds. In plain planted in 7-8 months, 10-11 months and transplant into the tubers harvested in 4-5 months next year. White seeds sown only in the period from 15 to 20 days to grow. To support the care, people often annealing watering before sowing: Soak seeds in warm water 40 ° C (boiling 1, 3 cold). After 1 hour, take out it's all mixed with dry sand. Store in a basket with cloth below and above the fabric cover. Water soaked into the sand and the whole fabric. To enter a small optical, hanging on the kitchen upstairs and watered daily. Approximately 10-15 days later, when the seeds have started cracking canine, then just mix with dry ashes and bring the garden planted. Sow finished covering of straw or straw. About two or three days once again open at the corner of the bed. Until the plants have grown 2 cotyledons pretty much the straw draw away. Watering the plants will be 4.5 on the leaves.
When the plants have 3-4 true leaves, plant height of 10cm, you can transplant. Use beams to dig seedlings each array, then split each tree by hand, shaking the ground, close to 100 trees planted and one bundle. Be careful not to sever the root tip. If the roots are broken, the growth hormone in early spreading roots will stimulate the roots to make the roots Bahj is no longer just a bulb (like carrots) again, which will be a lot rootlets, lowering medicinal quality. Planting density: between plants 20cm, 30cm rows, staggered planting trees to later closed canopy beds.
Once on the bed in progress, manure bed halfway up the bed and continued to complete. Using beams seedlings to facilitate roots are not bent straight down. Finish planting the root compaction and watering immediately. Since then every 3-5 days, depending on rain or no rain, irrigation once again. The sparse watering gradually until the navigation tree canopy. If it can limit pumping water into flooded ditch the bed and fell onto the bed surface water, then drain again soon. At times young plant watering can dilute fertilizer.
- Portability implementation: White only has acclimatized to our country results, good trees, both in the plains and high mountains cool. But just to be in the same alpine cold.
- Ability to develop specialized areas: Ability to develop crop-growing areas.
7 Parts used:
Tuberous roots.
8 Harvesting and processing:
Harvested in the fall, to see some original leaf chlorosis, dig tubers to try to see, probably can be harvested. Use a knife to cut the entire plant back 10cm body. Use a hoe to hoe to sun, avoid drying shell damage and broken roots. Do not take root in the seeds of flowering plants. Shake off the land, bringing sand washed away, cut off the roots, brimstone rushed for 24 hours, then dried or dried; where the lime into jars, cover tightly pulled out a week before sun drying. Note that oil Bach Chio easy to root secretions should you wash your hands blistered skin should wear rubber gloves or wash under running water, place in large water bodies (ponds, lakes ...).
9 Chemical composition:
Angelica essential oils with essential oil components: α-pinene, β-pinene, camphen, myrcen, α-phelandren, α-terpinen, terpinolen, caryophylen, ligustilid ... and sesquiterpen compounds.
In addition to oil, in the White roots only coumarin derivatives: Angenomalin, Anomalin, Bergapten, Marmesin, Scopoletin, Byak-angelicin, Byak-angelicol, Oxypeucedanin, Imperatorin, Isoimperatorin, Phellopterin, Xanthotoxin, Anhydrobyakangelicin, Neobyakangelicol.
10 pharmacological effects:
Antibacterial effects: In the experiment, Bach only antibacterial activity against Shigella and Salmonella types (Middle School of Pharmacy).
Diffusion method on bacterial culture media, water colors and extracts from Bach only antibacterial activity against strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae (Diplococcus pneumoniae), Streptococcus (Streptococcus hemoleticus), S. aureus (Staphylococus aureus ), Bacillus subtilis, Sonnei Shigella, Shigella flexneri, Shigella Shiga, Shigella dysenteriae, Enterococus, Vibrio cholerae and Bacillus typhi. In addition, Bach only has anti Virus (Medicinal Plants Resources Vietnam).
Analgesic effect: On models causing cramping abdominal pain by injecting sinus 6% Acetic Acid solution for o mice, Bach only 10g dose / kg, have distinct analgesic (Medicinal Plants Resources Vietnam South).
Analgesic: Relieves headache caused by flu, postpartum headache, tooth pain, facial nerve pain (Modern Chinese Medicine in Action).
Effects central nervous system arousal: With small doses Angelicotoxin arousal effects the blood movement center, respiratory center and the vagus nerve to make blood pressure, bradycardia, prolonged breath, flowing piss and vomit. With large doses lead to convulsions and paralysis (Modern Chinese Medicine in Action).
Antibacterial effects: inhibition of bacillary dysentery, typhoid, bacterial G + (Chinese Modern Applied Pharmacy).
Resistant TB: For the TB bacteria in the drug significantly inhibited erect (Central Clinical Drug Handbook).
Use in ophthalmology: White Type Pommade made ​​effective only increased therapeutic potential and avoid corneal ulcers caused by burns light (China Pharmacology).
Anti-inflammatory effects: With the experimental model of inflammation in rats Kaolin White, White with 10g dose / kg have anti-inflammatory effects. Angelicotoxin, a substance extracted from Bach only, small doses, has a stimulating effect on the vasomotor center area, spinal cord, causing hypertension, bradycardia, respiratory arousal, enhanced reflexes, in addition stimulating salivation. Large doses cause convulsions and paralysis final stretch (Medicinal Plants Resources Vietnam).
Use of Otolaryngology: White powder only and Mothballs from, inhaling nostrils, effective early treatment of pain, tooth pain, trigeminal nerve pain (China Pharmacology).
The toxicity of substances Angelicotoxin like Xicutoxin but not as strong (The Tree Drugs And Medications The Vietnam).
Function 11:
Except low canopy style, common complaints, pain, pus criteria except emphysema
12 Application:
Do painkillers, the frontal headache, treat colds, toothache, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore smelly, vaginal discharge, arthritis, nerve pain caused by arthritis.
13 Usage and dosage:
On using 4 - 12g. Full form of decoction or canopy.
14 Medicinal:
14.1. Capital of style: White only, mint, pepper Wear, Plaster, needle Uat. Powdered, one at each use, blow into the nose (White Only Subscriptions - Lan Seven Hidden Secrets).
14.2. Early treatment of pain, eye pain: White only 16g, the first O (live) 4g. Powdered, each time using one less drink tea (White Only Subscriptions - Chu Thi Tap Test Method).
14.3. Treatment of style, dizziness, students completed the post-cold style by evil, spirit Province: Perfume angelica (4-5 stroll boiling water), powdered, mixed as completely confidential, the size of a bullet. Every time you take one complete (Luong Complete - Hundred Best Recruitment Methods).
14.4. Treatment of the style: Perfume angelica, powdered drink rice water (Bach Nhat Phuong Tuyen).
14.5. First half of pain treatment: White only, the new International, Gypsum, Frankincense, myrrh (oil removed), equal quantities. Puree, blowing the nose. Pain in the left and right blows opposite (White Only failure Te Tan Tan - Race Phuc Luong Phuong Tuyen Duong Cong).
14.6. Eyelid pain treatment due to wind, heat or phlegm: White only, powdered. Every time you drink water with 8g of tea (Khe Tam Dan France).
14.7. Runny nose in the treatment Bach only, powdered. Use crushed practitioner, mixed 4g drugs completely. Taking 2 times, each time with hot tea 8-12g (White Only Subscriptions - Tri Standard Certificate guy).
14.8. Sinus treatment: White only, room styles, each 3,2g New Mobile, Electronic Commerce 4,8g atrium, Trans frame 2g, new 2,8g Health, Licorice 1.2 g, mixed with water applied around the navel. Beef Diets (Ocean Medical University Complete).
14.9. Typhoid, flu treatment: White only 40g, Licorice (live) 20 grams, ginger 3 slices, Action 3 bulbs, 1 fruit Apples, Beans XI 50 seeds, 2 cups water, excellent drink for sweating (Jiabao Cleaning Method ).
14:10. Treat children with fever: White only, cooked drain the sweat bath (Tu Luc Secret Model Method).
14:11. White tropical treatment, intestinal blood pus, urine is cloudy, cold sore belly and navel: White only 40g, Application knees la base 80g red shale, base Dahlia, White complained, 20g each. Powdered. Mixed with wax work done by seed corn to copper. Drink water every 10-15 complete with rice, fasting (Draft Hoi Nghia).
14:12. Treatment of type styles in the head, face: White only, thinly sliced​​, Radishes get soaked in water, dried, powdered. Taking 8g with boiling water or blowing the nose (Direct Only Method).
14:13. Bleeding hemorrhoids treatment: White only, powdered. Every time you drink water 4g with rice, in addition to taking the drug color water broke and washing the anus (Direct Only Method).
14:14. Swollen hemorrhoid treatment sores: first of all, take Creates feeling burned, smoked, and then mixed with honey duck White powder only, topical (Y Phuong Compendium).
14:15. Between the politically painful (but not used drugs from, this article effectively used): White only (stars) 100g, Trans frames (stars), Licorice (stars), the first Trans-cells (half-life half-ripe) , each of 40g. Powdered, each time using 4g with mint decoction, International desk (Dam Da He For Effective Methods).
14:16. First 2 brow treatment of pain due to wind, heat, phlegm: only White, Yellow bird (star wine), equal quantities powdered. Every time you drink water with 8g of tea (Dan legal Khe Tam).
14:17. Dental pain from heat style: White only 4g, 2g sa Chu. Powdered, mixed with honey makes as big a gun nut. Daily close to the root user (Y Lam Phuong The Weak).
14:18. Dental pain from heat style: White only, Ngo enemy, equal quantities, mix with water, suck on (Y Lam Phuong The Weak).
14:19. Treatment of ocular diseases: White only, Hung Emperor, puree, mix honey with nuts as big as the label, use the outer sa Chu. Taking 2 times for 1 nut (Testicular Complete - The International Economy).
14:20. Difficulty urinating due to gas treatment (gas, forestry): White only, soaked in vinegar, dried, 80g, puree. Every time you drink water with 8g excellent communication and Licorice Wood (The International Economy).
14:21. Tri questions (hormones) bone: White only, Buy low, equal quantities powdered, each taking 8g, it will vomit bones (The International Economy).
14:22. Tri root rot: White only 28g, crushed. Each time you use 4g, after eating (Bach Nhat Phuong Tuyen).
14:23. Tri root rot: White only, Trans-chassis, 2 equal status, powdered, made ​​by employees to the gun nuts, suck daily (International Student Methods).
14:24. Tri sweat theft: White only 40g, 20g sa Spirit. Powdered, hot days drink alcohol 8g (Chu Thi Tap Test Method).
14:25. Tri shin pain: White only, Bach electronic world, equal quantities, mix ginger water, up to (Y The Compendium of Methods).
14:26. White tropical treat: White only 160g, 640G bad Thach. Soak 3 nights, lime go away, just get sliced ​​Bach, stars, spread dough. Every time you drink alcohol 8g, 2 times (Y Thanh Phuong Learning).
14:27. Constipation caused by toxic style: White only, powdered, each taking 8g with rice mixed with a little water Honey (The salary Cross).
14:28. Tri fire not stop bleeding: get blood flowing out there, mixed with White powder only, up to the base paint (Simplified Forward).
14:29. Puncture treatment toxicity, thermal systems: White only, pulverized, mix vinegar applied (Partial simple method).
14:30. Tri target blood poisoning caused by wind in the gut: White only, powdered. Every time you drink water 4g with rice, very god performance (Du Ky Phuong Tuyen Cu Si).
14:31. New nail treatment boils: White only 4g, live Ginger 40g, 1 cup wine, pound drugs, drink hot sweating (Tu Tran Phuong).
14:32. Treat ulcers in the intestine, the lower tropical nature always filthy fishy: White only 40g, 80g Hong knees, complaining Dry, White dahlia are 20g. Powdered drink rice water, fasting. When all latex, used to complement Lotus leaves. When ulcers were less then a dose reduction (Drug yellowish).
14:33. Red swollen ulcer treatment: White only, Rhubarb, equal amounts, each taking 8g with rice water (The Experience).
14:34. Healed by a knife slashing, darting: White only, chewed to pieces, cover (The Simplified Method).
14:35. Detoxification From Plaster: White only, crush, drinking water wells 8g (The Lam Quang Ky Phuong).
14:36​​. Treated children were alone, poison remaining running around, enter the abdomen, the risk: White only, South aqua jelly, powdered, mixed water out, paste on the affected (Complete Heart Monitoring Method Au).
14:37. Blood in the urine treatment: White only, Applicant shall, by the same amount. Each dose of 8g (The Experience).
14:38. Acoustic treatment trial, riddled chain: White only, Rhubarb, equal quantities crushed. Every time you drink water the rice 6g (The Experience).
14:39. Treat ulcers swelling, inflammation of the mammary gland, snake bites: White only, Context Model, Union Overseas, Over time, local Tzu flower spikes, each 12g, Dandelion, each 16g honeysuckle, licorice 4g, identity drinking (China Pharmaceutical Clinical Handbook).
14:40. Tri poisonous snake or centipede bite: White only, Hung Emperor, Frankincense, equal quantities of alcohol drinking with warm (Bach Ho Tam Only Subscriptions - Central Clinical Drug Handbook).
14:41. White tropical treat: White only, Plum ink, equal quantities puree. Each dose of 12g (China Pharmaceutical Clinical Handbook).
14:42. Sensory, head pain (pain prefrontal more): White only 12g, 4g Trans frames, Room style 12g, 8g active Jiang, Huang took 8g, 8g Sai Lake, Business World 8g, 4g Licorice, water colors (Zone Style Thanh Thuong Cuisine - Central Drug Applied Clinical Often Prime Books).
14:43. Foot Tri paint: White lacquer with alcohol or vinegar only topical (Drug Is Vietnam).
14:44. Blogs foul mouth: White only 30g, 30g Trans frames. Powdered, mixed density as members, the size of a grain of corn, 2-3 days members sucking (Drug Is Vietnam).
Taboo: Music crowded fire damage, heat should not be popular.
Notes: Bach's just a medicine to be used in the cure all headaches, colds appearance. Our country has acclimatized and planted in various localities only Bach. White only grown in cooler regions (Sapa, Tam Dao) usually have larger tubers, Bach just plain usually planted in early flowering, woody core are many.
To forge Bach only in China people used the roots of some plants in them should be like: Heracleum scabridum Franch .; Seseli mairei Wolff.
Traditional medicine in our country has the medicinal use only male named Bach, Bach is just south of the plant roots (Millettia pulchra Kurz.), Legume (Fabaceae). Grows wild in many mountainous areas in the North (Tree White men only). White men only used with some other herbs abdominal pain, diarrhea, noting distinction.

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