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                         While getting good jobs you must have some skills and off course Knowledge, because every employer is in searching to hire the person who have more skills and knowledge.


                       You have to show your energy and passion. Every energetic person is a successful person. Therefore at least you should sharp in your field and show that you are the person who can do the best and able to solve any problem that arises in the field.

                       When you express yourself with your education degree of 16 years then show that you have a 16 year experience of telling a truth, 16 year experience of working hard, 16 year experience of honesty, 16 year experience of solving the problems and have a 16 year experience of punctuality.

After you’re hired:

                      When you are selected for a good job then try to arrive 10 mints early every day to your office. Do more than what you’re paid because there is no such thing as something for nothing. If you work in your organization then show your efficiency while doing work because every good employer has a respect for his performance.

               Better will be that if you start preparing for next interviewJ.

Increase Energy:

                              “Physical energy is directly proportional to emotional energy” therefore you should energetic and strong person. Physical exercise increase energy and alertness. For that you should care about your health and do some exercise daily. Thus it is stated that “motion creates emotion”.  Prayers are the important for the success of the human being so keep praying always.

               Perfume is necessary for keeping your mood on and pleasure, so always use perfume.

Seeking knowledge:

                           Formal education will make you a living while self-education will make you a fortune. Like when we are we are studding, we focus on degree and when we finish university, the focus should be learning.

                  No one is born a leader, engineer, doctor, lawyer etc., but every professional person passed from the stage of learner and seeking point. Therefore seek knowledge as much as you can.

Change from Inside:

                           “An egg had broken from inside gives a new life, while an egg had broken from outside ends a life”. Therefore you must have to bring changes in yourself from your side. You are responsible to make changes in yourself.

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