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Tugob Festival - Ormoc City


Hello Bitlanders, I would Like to share to all about our Yearly Festival in my Hometown, Ormoc City. This celebration is for the Charter Day of Ormoc City and thanksgiving for productive Agricultural Products in our City.


The Tugob Festival is a celebration of bounty here in Ormoc City. Actually,tugob is a Visayan word that means bountiful or abundant. We have an abundance of coconut, rice, pineapple, livestock, minerals, sugarcane, vegetable, fish, steam, and water. But maybe sooner we will have Oil Petroleum to produce someday.

Our small provincial city basically has everything you need to live a good life  .We celebrate the Tugob Festival alongside our city's Charter Day celebration on the 20th of October every year.

Tugob is really a lively festival in thanksgiving for bountiful harvests and it is reverberated in the air of Ormoc City with contingents of the dance competition wearing colorful costumes, stomping their feet, slapping their thighs, raising their arms, and clapping their hands as everyone shouts in unison to celebrate the abundance of Ormoc City's natural resources.

 Here are some of the photos.




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