Turn back!

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Turn back the pages of your life book and use the contains for today and for your future, this is a key of success.

Turning to past and to things which have happened in your life and things you done before now, is one of the important role to use in your life. Using the past experiences is effective for life success and happiness and also Usage of these experiences are inevitable order that the person can go toward success ways.

If history is mirror of the past society and people, then previous life of a person indicates his moment character and personality. Whatever comes from the definition of history is looking like brio library of human, which pride, defeat, successes and fiascoes, fortunes and adversities and whole experiment are in this library. These objective outcomes set for eyes, that we can learn more trustful knowledge in different ways of life.

Therefore who is successful that revert functions of his life. He gets advice from past faults and turns to fortune ways and follows those ways to find success of life. if you do this you will understand what things caused to fault or what things caused to problems in your past life, so you can change your wrongs to rights and have a good life forever.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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Kabul University

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