Turn that frown upside down

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Some days are just bad days, that's all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day, that's just the way it is!

~Dita Von Teese

  • Everyone wants to live a happy life , all of us want a peaceful , joyful , happy life . But sometimes things just don't go the we have planned them to be , which leaves us a bit heartbroken and a upsets us. Nobody wants to be sad no matter how big or small the matter be , you can always turn that frown upside down. There are a billion ways to cheer yourself up but here is a list of some of the ways I cheer myself up.


  • Talk to someone :

    If there is something bothering you its better to take it out and talk to someone about it rather than bottling it all up inside. Talk about it with someone who is really close to you who gets you . Even if they aren't able to give you some good advice but you will feel a bit light and relieved.


  •  Write it out :

    If talking to people about your problem is not your forte its all right , write it all out each and everything that has been bothering you and then destroy that piece of paper , burn it , tear it apart throw it away.


  • Move :

    The best you can do is to get out of the place that makes you upset . Get up go for a walk  , breathe some fresh air , feel the nature , smell some flowers , watch those birds fly and animals chasing each other around.




  • Take a trip down memory lane:

    What better way to smile and laugh then looking back to some of your favorite memories , Watch a TV show from your childhood , something you loved . Have a look at some of your old pictures and smile over all the good times you’ve had with your friends and family.
  • Clean up :

    Organize your files , folders , clear up your working space  , make your bed , sort some things . This will make you feel a bit better after seeing all your things organized.


  • Listen to some Music :

Listen to some up to beat music , dance a little . Don't go for sad emotionalsongs it will just turn you into a emotional wreck. 

Mood Booster is an example of happy up beat songs to cheer you up.


  • Find Inspiration:

Look for some , inspirational , motivational , positive quotes . Read a book , or just listen to an inspirational speech by someone you really look upto.


  • Get some Food:

Get something to eat for yourself to cheer you up . Preferably something sweet iceceams , cakes , chocolates , what bettter way to get into a good mood than food .


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