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Twenty 20 cricket is a short style of cricket. In 2003 it was introduced by the Wales Cricket Board and England, Later on Twenty 20 style of cricket officially recognized by International Cricket Council (ICC). In this style of cricket two teams play to each other and faces maximum 20 overs. Twenty 20 cricket is played on normal cricket grounds with the same traditional rules of One Day International style of cricket. Twenty 20 world cup is organized in every two years.

Now a days this format of cricket has become most popular among cricket spectators at the ground and viewers on television. After the succession of this style of cricket many other countries (they are not played cricket before this) introducing and playing twenty 20 cricket on domestic level. In Twenty 20 world cup sixteen teams participated, comprising all ten International Cricket Council full members and six other affiliate members chosen through the world Twenty 20 Qualifier. 

On Domestic level Of T/20 Cricket

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Last Year bitlanders' outfit For Cricket


History Of Twenty 20 Cricket:

     In 2002, when the Benson & Hedges Cup (It is the first class county cricket which is recognized by England and Wales and played across eighteen countries) ended the England Cricket Board and decided to introduce one day competition to fill its place. Later on England Cricket Board and Stuart Robertson (He was the chairman of county cricket) they wanted to introduce that new style of game and spread the popularity of cricket specially among the younger generation, then for this purpose they introduced new style of fast cricket game, Twenty 20. Soon this format got popularity with unexpected crowd attendance.


In 2007, first world cup Twenty 20 was organized in South Africa. In this twenty 20 world cup, India won who defeated Pakistan in the final. Second world cup took place in England, which was won by the Pakistan who defeated Sri Lanka in the final match. In 2010, the third tournament was held in West Indies. In which England defeated Australia. In 2012, the fourth event of world Twenty20 was held in Asian country Sri Lanka, in which Sri Linka defeated by West Indies in the final.

Last tournament which was held in 2014 in Bangladesh and this world Twenty 20 won by Sri Linka against India.

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New York Open Judo Team Championship Of women

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Latest ICC Twenty World Cup India 2016 along with bitLanders:

On 8th march 2016, ICC once again is going to organized world cup Twenty 20. It will be the sixth Twenty 20 world and it is going to held in India. After the meeting in Dubai in 2015, ICC this time awarded India the rights to host the upcoming world Twenty 20 cup in 2016.

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My Own Avatar in sporty look

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      Teams Selection in Latest Twenty 20 World Cup: 

        Sixteen teams will participate in the tournament named India, Australia, England,  New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. Teams which are the full members (full members countries are those which follow all the rules according to the cricket governing body ICC and which represent their geographical area) of ICC will automatically qualify for this tournament. Six other countries' teams are the associate members these will qualify according to the latest rules of ICC twenty 20, as these six teams have been qualified in 2015 twenty 20 tournament which has been played in Ireland and Scotland named Afghanistan, Oman, Scotland, Ireland, Hong kong and Netherlands. 

After that The eight teams with the top ranking in the ICC twenty 20 cup automatically steps forward to the Super ten stage. Then remaining eight teams will compete in the group stage, then just two teams will go forward to the Super ten stage.

     Indian Cities which will Host Twenty 20 Matches:

         This time is honour for India who will going to host the world twenty 20 cup. The Indian Cricket Board announced the name of Indian cities in 2015 where game will have played are Mumbai, Bengaluru, Mohali, Dharamshala, Nagpur, Kolkata and New Delhi.  

     World Twenty 20 Cup's Trophy Tour:

         World Twenty 20 India 2016 trophy will start its global tour from Scotland then it will travels to 12 other countries & will end its tour 11 march 2016 in New Delhi India. This time Nissan has sponsored the world T/20 Trophy tour that is why it also known as Nissan Trophy Tour.

bitLanders' offers on Outfit of Different Countries:

       In bitfashionista store you can find different outfits of different country Teams for Twenty 20. Here i am going to discuss about outfits of some of my favorite teams .............

      Australian Team:

                   Australian team's squad will be consists on 13 players. Steve Smith will be the captain.  Australia Team still could not win the twenty 20 world cup but won ODI world cup 5 times. In 2010, it just remain runner up team in the final against England. Australian team's bowling, batting and fielding everything is perfect and well organized.

Australian CricketTeam's Captain Steve Smith

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Australia Cricket Team Out Fit On bitLanders bitFashionista Store    


  Pakistan Team:

          Shahid Afridi will be the captain of Pakistan cricket team. Pakistan Team players's squad will be consists on 15 players. In 2009, Pakistan has won the T/20 world cup against Sri lanka. As Pakistan Team always depends on its bowling, so you will see a confident bowling lineup of Pakistan cricket team which can break many batsmen’s hearts. Good luck for team Pakistan.

Pakistan Cricket Team's Captain Shahid Afridi

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Pakistan Cricket Team Out Fit On bitLanders bitFashionista Store

  Sri Lanka Team:

                   In 2014, as Lanka tigers has won T/20 world cup, the fans of Sri lanka team must be expecting the same majestic performance from their favorite team including me as well. Angelo Mathews will be the captain of Sri Lanka cricket team and squad of his players consists on 14 players. Sri Lanka tigers will also depends on bowling specially on spinners.  

Sri Lankan Cricket Team's Captain Angelo Mathews 


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Sri Lanka Cricket Team Out Fit On bitLanders bitFashionista Store


     South Africa Team:

                   South African team is one of my favorite team. South Africa has also could not get the title of T/20 world cup so they should bring back the self belief to win T/20 world cup. AB de Villiers will be the captain & South African team will depend on bowling & batting as well. Players's squad will consists on 14 players.

South African Cricket Team's Captain AB de Villiers

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South Africa Cricket Team Out Fit On bitLanders bitFashionista Store

  England Team:

           Cricket is the national game of England & in 2010 England cricket team has won the T/20 title as well. England team will play under the captaincy of Eoin Morgan and his players' squad consists on 15 players. Bating and fielding of England team are in good condition & it will be exciting to see England cricket team going with all its strength and pride. 

England Cricket Team's Captain Eoin Morgan

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England Cricket Team Out Fit On bitLanders bitFashionista Store

   India Team:

          In 2007, India cricket team has won the T/20 world cup & this time T/20 world cup also will be going on in India. MS Dhoni will be captain of Indian cricket team and his players' squad will be consists on 14. Batting line of India is perfect & somehow bowling as well, but fielding needs some improvement. Being the host of such a big event, people of India considered this game as some part of their ‘Religion’. 

 Indian Cricket Team's Captain MS Dhoni 


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India Cricket Team Out Fit On bitLanders bitFashionista Store






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