Tyler Finkelstein talks about MIT Bitcoin Club to support Digital Literacy with Bitcoin

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FA: Can you briefly tell us about yourself and your background?

TF: My name is  Tyler Finkelstein. I'm currently a student at MIT studying computer science and management. I'm also a squash player on the MIT varsity team and during high school had some great matches in junior tournaments with Dylan Sweeney , whose father is an executive at Film Annex.

FA: Why did you chose MIT as your college choice? 

TF: MIT represented the perfect combination of academics, squash, and social life. As someone very interested in entrepreneurship, I knew that MIT's top engineering and business programs would be really intriguing. The squash team is competitive and tons of fun, and we have six great courts located right on campus. MIT is also in a great location and has a fraternity scene that even my Harvard friends admit they're jealous of.

FA: The MIT Bitcoin Club recently announced "an ambitious project aimed at creating an ecosystem for digital currencies at MIT." How do you plan to participate?

TF: As you've probably heard, next Fall each MIT undergrad will be receiving $100 worth of Bitcoin thanks to generous donations from alumni and the organizing efforts of a group of students. I'm sure we'll see some Bitcoin-based startups popping up at MIT, and it will be interesting to see how a community interacts with Bitcoin when everyone within holds some of the digital currency.

FA: At Women's Annex Foundation, we have been supporting Digital Literacy in developing communities with Bitcoin? If you were us, how should we tie college students in the USA, into this project?

TF: I think the best way for college students to become involved in your project is through entrepreneurship. As we all know, some of the 21st century's most successful companies have been created by college students, and when there's a significant need for a product or service, entrepreneurs will fill that void. Your best bet is probably to inform college entrepreneurs through social media, especially those interested in Bitcoin, about your project.

FA: In your opinion what are the main advantages of Bitcoin versus other currencies?

TF: From what I understand, and I'm no expert, one of the biggest advantages of Bitcoin are the low or non-existent processing fees. When you look at large volumes of transactions, a few percent adds up quickly.

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