Ukraine: End of Revolution/Moscow Realignment? by Ambassador mo

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Yulia Tymoshenko former Prime Minister & Orange Revolution leader jailed 7 years for “abuse of power.” Is it just about Tymoshenko or does it also mean now a definitive end of Orange Revolution and Ukraine's realignment again with Moscow. The EU and most western democracies came to view the charges and trial as being politically motivated and orchestrated by the current Government of Viktor Yanukovic, (Bottom PHOTO) someone who has turned Ukraine’s relationship closer toward the Kremlin. Ms. Tymoshenko was also ordered to pay approximately $190 million ans was banned from holding political office for 3 years. Russia Gas Deal at Heart – No Self-Enrichment: Perhaps ironically, Tymoshenko was indicted for a deal with Russia in 2009 (signed with Russia’s PM Vladimir Putin) that now her opponents claim has cost Ukraine the $190 million while exceeding the authority of her office as then Ukraine Prime Minister. Russia had most of the leverage in that deal when gas flow had been shut down by Moscow flowing to and through Ukraine to many countries in SE Europe. (Former Yugoslav states were particularly hit hard by the cold and gas cutoff). While her opponents have tried to imply self-enrichment by Tymoshenko and her supporters, there has been evidence provided to back such allegations intended to damage her reputation. In effect, Ms. Tymoshenko has been now convicted of making a bad deal with Moscow presumably for which she did not have authority. Ukraine’s current government closely allied to Moscow though has continued to honor the arrangement. Selective Application of Justice & Abuse of Office: Offenses such as “Abuse of Office” are characteristic of old communist states. They had been used widely to imprison, discredit and effectively divert those who fell out of favor from political activism. The laws generally do not require proof of theft or even self-enrichment but rather only harm to the state’s finances and regardless of the intent of the alleged perpetrator. (I have faced my own “abuse of power allegations” upon which opponents had sought to extradite me to Bosnia & Herzegovina. Now I was informed that there was not even an “ongoing investigation,” and I remained convinced of the political character and motivation of the “allegations.”). “Abuse of Office” remains on the books of many former authoritarian communist states It is available for prosecution in many democracies as well. In the US, government officials can be prosecuted for “embezzlement” if they are alleged to have employed funds for a purpose not authorized, even if self-enrichment is not a consideration and intent is not evident. EU has said it is disappointed with the verdict, and that Kiev's handling of the case risked deep implications for its hopes of EU integration. EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement the verdict showed justice was being applied selectively in politically motivated prosecutions. “Revolution Eats its Children: In the case of Ukraine, the prosecution of its former Prime Minister and Orange Revolution leader confirms the old expression: “the revolution eventually eats its children.” However, the first question that should be asked has the Orange Revolution been overthrown by the old? By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey Facebook = Become a Fan at “Diplomatically Incorrect” Twitter – Follow us at DiplomaticallyX War Crimes Justice Channel -

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