Uses of Ginger in Medical science

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Ginger use is somehow broad and diverse so that it can be applied from the medical research up to the alcoholic industries.

If we see the general ginger use from the perspective of medical aspect, we can say many things. In terms of diseases related aspects, ginger in its different forms can be used to treat a number of illnesses. Among them nausea is the primary sickness that is mainly treated by ginger spice. It can also be used as a pain remedy, anti-inflammatory, cholesterol lowering herb and a warming remedy. Migraines treatment is also achieved through the natural ingredients of ginger. Ginger use is not only limited to this but also found in inflammatory arthritis and supplemental use.

  Ginger use has its own impact on platelets aggregation and Vitro oriented thromboxane synthesis. In addition to this, ginger has no serious side effect during lactation, pregnancy, and childhood so that it is given a name GRAS (generally recognized as safe).On the other hand, the potential clinical benefits of ginger is vested in so many ginger uses like cardiovascular problems, Gastrointestinal and hepatic problems, Neuropsychiatric and endocrine difficulties, hematologic and rheumatologic  diseases , Immune modulation, Antimicrobial activities, Antineoplastic and Antioxidant and diaphoretic effects.

   In terms of toxicity and contraindications, ginger may have its own level of negative side effects. Some level of Allergic reactions may be occurred but it is not that much powerful in disturbing the general condition of human health. Acute toxicity, therefore, is not seen in ginger. If the dosage is more than 8-10 grams, gastric irritation may be occurred. Therefore, it is recommended not to exceed the normal ginger dosage during the direct use in recipes.

 Generally, Ginger use is somewhat vast and this is just a general speculation of its benefits in the medical aspect. Other pharmaceutical related ginger chemistry is currently under research so that more new medical products will be expected in the near future. If you have any additional discoveries or health related ginger news, you can add as a comment…

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