Vacation Grandeur

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Books. Coffee. Spotify. Surely, if all of the mentioned are available, this vacation will be sweet enough.

I am not a traveller. Reading and slouching in a corner is my cup of tea. So whenever I have free time, I leisurely give my all to myself in the simplest manner.

Staying at home, reading a couple of books, magazines,rummaging our ref for snacks and make a good tumblr of iced coffee or tea. 75% introvert it is.

Much of my day went to my work, so during this kind of days, I assure myself to stray away from work-related matters. More so that this opportunities to relax only comes to us employees not that often, we make the best of it.

My todo list is empty. I am a flexible creature. Planning is one  of my rarest  interest.I tend to do nothing if I have a tasklist. I just put them all in my head and thinking which is the most important, reciting all the things to do every after one is done.

But for the next year, lets see. Maybe when I got myself a planner, I will be able to list the general things and  details of those I'd be wanting to achieve next year.

I'll go get my next cup of tea. See you around.


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