Valentine's Day Special: 10 Insane Things People Have Done For Love

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Oh, Valentine, my sweet Valentine. Today is the day for lovers and lovers who just love being loved. 

But then again, there are some crazies out there who take love one step further (into insane territory) and express their love in other ways. 

From giving someone a bouquet of roses to showering someone with expensive gifts, these men and women believed love is only true...if you show just how insanely in love you are. Emphasis on insanely. I've given you a list of 10 instances where people have done 10 insane things in the name of love:

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  1. Tattooing her significant other's name to your face.
  2. Carrying a vial of their significant other's blood around your neck.
  3. Driving across the country to kidnap and kill her 'romantic rival'.
  4. Cutting his own ear off and giving it to his crush.
  5. Jumping on Oprah's couch and proclaiming his love for his new significant other.
  6. Saying, "Screw you," to the Catholic church in order to get a divorce, and then having his ex beheaded.
  7. Calling in a bomb threat so her boyfriend can't move far away.
  8. Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau.
  9. Shooting her lover's wife in the face.
  10. Becoming robbers and outlaws together during The Great Depression.


 Who says love is always so sweet?


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