Vetri: Animation nearly complete!

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The animation of 'Vetri' is finally coming to an end. More than half of the final scene is complete with only the last 30-second climax scene remaining. This will be a little challenging though, since it requires a large crowd of people. The idea is to finish the film off in a kind of epic way.

The last few weeks was spent animating the final scene. There are plenty of shots in the final scene, which on some days I had to stay up past 3am to complete. There was no reason why I had to stay up that late, just felt really excited to finish another film. Hopefully, I can finish the final few seconds at my own pace. The final scene so far has come out much better than I initially expected!

Here are some screenshots of the final scene:

The rendering is lagging a bit behind. So far, about a quarter of the film has been rendered. This is going to take some time and can't yet make a prediction on the release of the film but it shouldn't take more than a couple of months.

However, the trailer of the film and a poster will come out in a few weeks. Will keep posted on the film's progress as they occur...

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