Vine: YouTube's killer or savor?

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We all know YouTube; if you don’t you’ve been living under a rock for the past 7 years. “YouTube is a place for people to share their ideas” - Bo Burnham. Being the most popular video sharing website out there YouTube has made a name for its self. Owned by Google YouTube will be with us for as long as Google can keep it in our lives (forever). But a new video sharing website (more like app) has came out. Vine, if you don’t know what vine is, Vine is an app where you make a video in six seconds. It is owned by none other then Twitter. With a beautiful interface, it’s easy as quick to watch any video anywhere. So with a new video face in town what will be of YouTube? Here’s the thing, viners and YouTubers can both be paid. The funny part is that YouTubers have gone to vine and viners are going to YouTube. With YouTube you are not limited to six seconds. But with vine you have young new fans for your YouTube. At the end of the day if Google doesn’t fix YouTube (the latest update makes it hard to use and ruins the fun) it will die. Everything can be fixed and YouTube should step it up or it will be the new MySpace.

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By: Josh Presuto


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