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I just watched ‘Wake in Fright’ and holy hell did it just jump up to the top of my ‘all time best horror films’ list. It is a perfect example of ‘heat horror,’ which is a concept that I am obsessed with (and have experimented within in my own short films here in LA) and beyond just the terror that comes with overwhelming heat the film goes deeper than that because it’s a socio-cultural horror film!

It’s deep and vicious and not for the faint of heart. Using actual footage from a kangaroo hunt to show the brutality inherent in the people was just utterly horrific and horrible, but utterly necessary too. Shades of that sacrificial cow from ‘Apocalypse Now,’ so to say, but that cow ain’t got nothing on these kangaroos.

Honestly, I am flabbergasted with this film and it’s crazy history. And it’s awesome 70s score infused with theremin eeriness!

If you haven’t yet seen this and think you could handle it and enjoy your horror with a deep sense of realistic psychological dread, well then 


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