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War on terror of the US led NATO forces is stuck in the ‘quagmire’ of Afghanistan.Both stay and exit cannot avoid the hovering defeat which one day is destined to be the chapter of the US glorious history.The US finds itself on the slippery slope and finds no exit to get out of this bad story.The great economic pressure and increasing unemployment rate has rendered the US and its allies in a difficult situation.Even though the global reach of the US is is backed by a 14.3 trillions dollars,the largest national economy in the world and a defence budget of 711 billions dollars which accounts for approximately 50% of the whole global military spending.

The US is frustrated in its ‘misadventure’ in Afghanistan where defeat had virtually been admitted by the (ISAF) Commander US forces in Afghanistan General Stanley MC Chrystal who requested for more troops in 2009.While bullish military generals demand for more troops,their civilians counter parts advise against it.It was virtually declared by a military high official of the NATO that it requires 9-10 more years to achieve victory in Afghanistan. The contradictory and conflicting behavior of the coalition govts have further dragged this war on terror to its ultimate defeat.

The coalition of the willing battling in Afghanistan sounds unwilling to spend more troops but willing to carry on this long war.Public cooperation for the war in the US and western Europe is slowing down.Neitherland has already pulled out its troops from NATO; the 1st NATO country to do so Canada declared to be the next one.Deeply dehumanizing and unwinnable ‘war on terror’ is a blind ally.Certainly,the dilemma of the military generals is that they don’t want to live with the stigma of ‘defeat’.And when they anticipate one coming ,they always quote shortage of either troops or equipment.However ,there is no dearth of either ,UK dispatched only 500 more troops in 2009 while France refused to send any yet insisting to carry on with this war.

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