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 The Girl Who Sees Smells is a romance, suspense, comedy and fantasy South Korean TV series that is broadcasted on Seoul Broadcasting System.

The show was produced in 16 episode and it was on air every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55. It is based on a book with the same name by Man Chwi. The show is written by Lee Hee-myung and directed both by Baek Soo-chan and Oh Choong-hwan. It has produced by Seoul Broadcasting System Plus.

The show has got the average audience share of 8.4% nationwide and 9.7% capital area. The story is about a girl who finds her parents murdered by a serial killer. She escapes from the murderer and being hit by a car, she goes into coma and wakes up 6 months later while she does not remember anything of her past. Her left eye changed color and became blue, she can see smell in color now. For her protection, a police officer adopts her and tells her that she is his real daughter and gives her a name. After 6 month, she decided to become a comedienne and work for a theater company and the rest of the story.

Below are the main characters of the drama:

Park Yoo-chun plays as Choi Mu-gak who became a police officer after the death of his sister who murdered. He wanted to take revenge and find his sister’s killer. He lost his sense of taste and smell. It caused after dead of his sister as he has a great constant pain for losing her for two months. Then he hospitalized for 10 days, therefore he lost his sense of smell and taste.

Shin Se-Kyung plays as Oh Cho-rim/Choi Eun-seol. She witnessed the death of her family and she has an extraordinary ability of seeing smells in the air. She works with Mu-gak to find the serial killers.

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