Water must be reserved in Pakistan otherwise……….……!

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The extra-ordinary variation of weather has always affected the physical condition of universe and then these physical conditions have put down everlasting effects on human life. The physical condition including which availability of water is most important for human life. Not only human life, water is vital for all types of lives, on earth.

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  Where there is water, there is a life. That’s why; life just exists on earth as all other planets don’t have water resources. Prior to the man history on the earth, man started to live on that part of earth where water was available in enough amount, he grew up corps at the bank of water, many civilizations flourished and restructured along flow of water.

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                It has been occurring from beginning of life, and continues still today,, but also in the future, it has been prophesied to have wars for the acquisition of water among nations in upcoming time, and situations and events show us that there are high chances to have these prophecies true, because life does not have any existence without water. Those countries where water is insufficient, there life is not only difficult but also troublesome. Where there is no sufficient water to drink neither enough food to eat,  there the life is too difficult and its just going towards final destination “death more rapidly and fastly”.



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   Naturally water is divided unequally on the earth. Therefore, somewhere there are deserts and somewhere are green fields of corps. Pakistan is one of those countries where water is insufficient due to collectively rainfall per year, but God has bestowed it with gift of rivers and water resources are also available in the form of Glaciers on the top of Northern mountains and Monsoon rainfall is also sufficient but inspite of this, we are threatened by scarcity of water and we are one of those countries who are at risk of shortness of water. We are misfortunate for 2 reasons. One reason is our neighbor country “India” who has occupied Kashmir, which according to Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is our Aorta, where are main Headworks of our greatest rivers. Whenever he wants and of which river he wants stops water to flow through Pakistan and whenever he wants he opens flow of water in large amount so that it causes floods in Pakistan which brings a lot of destruction and then gets wasted into Arabian Sea.

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                And our second bad luck is that we just consider the water of floods and rainfall, the only cause of bringing destruction and don’t try to take advantage of it. Our enemy has used the water as great weapon against us and is still doing. He had started to use this weapon as Pakistan came into existence. Taking aside the all conditions of Indus Water Treaty of water division, India is making extensive dams on Pakistani dams and on the other hand, it is changing the direction of rivers. At first, he changed the direction of River Jhelum for “Kishanganga” and now the extremist president of India has ordered to change the direction of Beas to Chenab. By this way, it is trying to make Pakistan Ethiopia and Somalia.

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      Enemy is working hardly in his planning, but the question arises, that what are we doing? Have we done planning to fulfill the needs of growing population, or we unintentionally helping our enemy to accomplish his goals? It’s our bad luck or carelessness that we are not doing the right use of available water. Our tragedy is also that we could not have agreed upon a single opinion on national issues and had never tried to find alternative of such projects. The availability of water per individual in Pakistan is 950 cubic meter and the same figures in 1951 were 5500 cubic meters and if this proportion went downward continuously the situation became worst for us.


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                All experts have been prophesying about this but we should have to take practical steps. If it had not been tried to control the condition, then it will be difficult to handle the forthcoming problems. We should made reservoirs of water instead of wasting time on disputed projects. We have a lot of natural places that can be used easily for making dams. The reserved water can be used for both purposes; domestic as well as for making hydroelectricity.


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                But we every year waste 30 million acres feet by throwing water into sea. We are not taking action on the projects of justified division of water among provinces and also on the better use of water, due to which fertile lands are becoming barren. According to recent report in just Thatta 2.2 million acre land has been destroyed by sea water.

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          The insufficient drainage of water fromKotri barrage has also affected greatly the wide area in Sindh. If destructive water of floods could be reserved in raining season, then not only life as well as property loss could be stopped. But also food self-sufficiency can also be attained but also we can get foreign exchange from yield of fertile lands. At this time when the world is making plans to fulfill the future needs and for stepping towards advancement, and neighbor country is making dams upon our rivers, not only ours but also is going against Bangladesh and Nepal, and stopping the flow of their water also, while we are making our some projects inexecutable by making them disputed and also we are not planning for the new water reservoirs.

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                Our saved reserves of water i.e Himalayan Glaciers are melting (thawing) continuously and getting wasted. And every year their volume is getting decreased from 30 to 50 meters. Our politicians and rulers are abusing the rights of forthcoming generations, and then even consider themselves good leaders. We are not using available water like we should do.


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          Our raw canals are not being made ingrained due to which water is absorbed in the way instead of reaching its destination and causing the land halomorphic . These are not such problems that have not been discussed before, or not have been in other’s awareness, but no one is giving importance to it. If we lessen non-progressive expenses and pay attention to the serious problems, and we finish our politics tug of war, and spend our energy in constructive projects then Pakistan will also be standing in the row of developed countries and will also establish an important status in the World, because Allah has bestowed it with a lot of gifts and its up to us that how we plan to take advantage of these gifts and I also want to remind our rulers and politicians that Earth is just only called “Live Planet” because of existence of water, life just exists because of water, where there is water, there is life and where there is no water, there is no life.


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        So to save our country from making Ethiopia and Somalia, we should have taken practical steps and must have taken as soon as possible otherwise we don’t have this chance available after 10 to 20 years….!




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