Water pollution

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Water pollution is one of the great threat to the life on the planet earth. According to one of the research about 67 percentage of human pollution do not have access to fresh and pure water mostly people drink impure water which decline their health and due to this impure water human race is facing many diseases every day. 

Main cause of this water pollution is human development. Human are using natural recourses to develop himself but this development is causing many harmful effects to water resources. According to research   in Cuba every 3 out of 4 wells contain high amount of arsenic which is the root cause of many diseases like cancer, renal diseases, and cardiac diseases.

Meanwhile when nutrients like potassium or urea goes to these reservoirs they cause eutrophication in the water bodies that is increase the growth of plants or algae in the water which block the sun light to go to the bottom of water source due to which at the bottom level the process of photosynthesis stops and the whole system of life in ponds or in water collapse. Due to water pollution many terrestrial species as well as marine species are in danger. In many lakes due to excess of chemical compounds the ph of lakes has been changed and now the existence of many fish are impossible in these lakes like salmon fish