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Water can be useful and can be useless depends on the condition and situation. many people use water to some needs, such as; to wash, to drink, to take a bath, to combine with something else. We usually wash by using water because it is the only liquid that can clean and holly. some people use water to drink and take abath every day and it is common in this world.

water is very urgent in our life but it depends on the condtion and situation. if the water is too much, it will be dangerous for us, like when it comes rainy season, somtimes will happen flood where the water overflows until some people are busy to look for safe place. in some places in the world always get fllod when the rainy season comes and it is so pity to the people stay there.

Water can be tourism place, like water fall, swimming pool and river, beach and so on. many people visit those places to refresh and look at the water in order that they can be fresh again. 

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