Ways to Maintain Healthy Eyes

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Most computer users suffer from symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and the experts say that the need to take a break and blink regularly.

According to a recent study, too long sitting at your desk may increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, as reported from femalefirst.co.uk.

But that's not the only problem in the workplace that pose a risk to our health. About 70 percent of computer users regularly suffer from symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) so it is important to follow a few easy steps to ensure sitting at the desk is not bad for your health:

"When we use the computer for a long time, we only blink about 4-7 times per minute, whereas when work as usual we blink more than 18-20 times per minute, so this is a significant reduction - and can cause symptoms such as eye dry and blurred vision, "said Professor Dan Reinstein of the London Vision Clinic."

Other common symptoms of CVS include red eye, eye strain, double vision, headaches, and difficulty focusing the eyes.

Reinstein give tips on how to prevent CVS, and keep the eyes healthy and comfortable.

- Take a break from your computer screen at least once every hour. And ensure that your eyes occasionally moving and look away from your computer.
- Always make sure your computer screen clean.
- Instill self-awareness to frequent flashes regularly.
- Adjust the angle, height, and distance of your screen. Because the spacing between the sitting position and display the one you can increase muscle tension and visual discomfort. The ideal distance between the view and the computer screen is a whole range of fore arms (see picture above).
- Recognizing the environmental factors. AC and fans can actually exacerbate dry eye symptoms of CVS.
- If contact lenses make your eyes feel dry, it is better to avoid wearing them when using the computer. CVS is very commonly experienced by contact lens wearers. Vision Clinic in London, often find patients who choose to undergo laser eye surgery because they can no longer wear their contact lenses for a long time, especially when using a computer.
- Do not forget to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
- Avoid 'glare' of light from windows and overhead lights.
- Ensure that your computer screen is not blinking.
- And, most importantly, diligently perform eye examinations.

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