Since we pretty much believe government should not shell out money for anything anymore. Well, except for defense spending, corporate welfare, and bribing our enemies. We should expect this kind of future.

A future where we pretty much ask the nation to be homeless and be on the corner begging for change. The thing many of our civilians seem to hate most. Yet, the leaders of this country are setting this precedent anyway.

Look at how charities are the new business model. They are everywhere. Probably way more than your local companies who bombard you with newspaper ads Not just charities though, but the life of the politician now. They have to beg to put their ideas to work, and that is only after some corporate sponsor shells up the dough.

Bill Maher recently explained to his audience members how much it would cost to fix Ebola. It was some weird number like 873,million dollars. How Sheldon Adelson or the Koch brothers could single-handedly fund this project. Maybe George Soros to keep things fair on both sides. Have to be political in this day in age.

What happened? He explained how Bill Gates jump started the project, followed by Mark Zuckerberg. Not sure who else jumped in on the Ebola fight, but must have not been enough extremely rich people. They now have a NFL ad with Pete Carol asking for money to stop Ebola.

I am not sure if it was a glitch or a hacker. I go to get on the internet and Google has a little special commercial of how if we donate 1 dollar, they will donate 2 to find a cure for Ebola. I am just having a hard time with this. This is the way we are going to fix our problems now.

By making people sit on the corner and beg for change to survive. Instead of just fixing the problem the right way. We all know these countries have countless measures to fix this problem. They seemed to have spread fear, so they could show us how to beg on the street corner.