We need Patience!

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Patience is something we all need in this world. The current world is changing each time so that the stuffs we were planned yesterday are altering its nature. So, the possibility of being upset is very high in the day to day activities we face repeatedly. No matter when and where we are working, there are always challenges that may hinder us or strengthen us to be more powerful, more adaptive and more systematic. But in this scenario, we must develop the habit of great patience. Especially, in our youth times, our decision making ability is not mature so that we decide something poor without thinking the prior consequences. In this time, the anger inside us becomes higher and we have no other alternatives to see the equivalent ways to cool down. At this moment, we shouldn’t seek advice from people or other insane idea rather should sit quietly and try to be in the mood of patience. As we cool down through patience, the path which was struggling before becomes clearly seen and we will have a great opportunity to sort out the major and minor problems.


Patience is the key to a gentleman personality. When we are not interested in some responses from any person, we shouldn’t just be angry and leave them. Yet with patience, we finish what the person has tried to come up with and the more we are in good mood, the more advantage we have to beat those ideological personalities. Throughout human history those people of great patience were cool, self-confident, self-reliant,logical and good listeners. From the greatest scientists to the minor ordinary people,all of the past generations were beneficial in the crucial aspect of the term ‘patience’. No matter where you born, how you believe and when you live, the powerful influence of patience has a footprint everywhere you go. If you really choose to be a person of standard characteristics, patient driven life is a must.

Some people thought that if you are good enough to fill yourself with patience,you’ll lose your standard of being an influential person and your opinion is underestimated by those people who talks a lot however, the truth is far from this concept.It is not necessarily true that if a person speaks without a gap and forcefully trying to persuade someone without any logical statement, he is the alpha. Yet, he lost the cornerstone points in the conversation and if you patiently listen what he tried to say, you’ll have relevant answer to successfully respond based on the words he spoke.

In the 21st century, the place ‘patience’ is given in everybody’s heart is very small. However, wisdom, knowledge and great distress is passed through standing with patience. If the rate of patience is high, the possibility of divorce, conflict and fall of love will be very low in any family, community, country and the whole world. As a conclusion, we all have to be filled with Patience since it is more than what is written in this article and it is totally essential in every part of our life.



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I am Hailemichael yihun,25, from Ethiopia.I have studied primary and secondary education in Ethiopian schools.Then I have joined local university in Ethiopia studying Civil engineering and now I am a graduated civil Engineer.I am a prolific writer,student and blogger.

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