Week 1 Day 1 Wednesday

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-Disclaimer!! These are original journal entries written. May not be on exact day of writing. Thank you!-

     O.K. so I just relieved my new Mud Puppies from my girlfriend today. I realized there is not much info on these awesome little creatures so I will be do my best to write down all the details. I got so MPs (one being slightly larger than the rest) and put them in three containers. The first has only the larger one, the second has two medium sized ones, the the third has the three smaller ones. The larger one has all four legs grown, but does not have full control of them yet and it is quite funny watching. I am going to refer to him as Champ. The second largest is missing a chunk of his tail and has front legs but seems to have just started his back legs. I'm going to name him Chip. The third has the same leg situation as Chip, but has funky looking eyes. I'm going to title him Finn. The other three are all together and hard to tell apart so they will not be named yet. The other three are also really sluggish and slow while the bigger three are just swimming and having a blast. This may be due to their small size. They also seem to become slightly hostile when they are moving and bump into each other. I will be watching their behavior closely over the next few days. 

P.S. I would love to add pictures because I took an amazing one of the three small ones almost posing but my iPad is having issues, so stay tuned for pictures! :)

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