Weight by age

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Weight by age

We are in a constant struggle to get at least that ideal figure we want, but often does not happen we are disappointed, that's the sad part. To achieve the desired weight must respect several factors that usually follow them in the first 3 days after the will and desire diet leave us slowly but surely.

Now we all know because we constantly repeat ... if you want to lose weight you need: will, eat healthy, do more sport. About these are the three golden rules that are repeated endlessly. Too bad no one seems to understand that if you will not need the other two does not matter.

It really depends on how much you like you that although in some cases as genetics seem that fight endlessly with windmills, give in and eat more. What I've noticed lately is that many girls in our weaknesses are outraged if they have an extra gram of fat and necessarily want to lose weight, I wonder what they want to get down when they are already skinny.

However craze weight loss embraces us all at one time, but in some cases manage to make you more harm than good and thus destroy your body balance and then even to give your metabolism over your head and start take serious proportions without having to do anything to remedy the situation.

To help those who feel they are "tremendous" I will offer a formula to determine which is optimal for you in weight for age and height; so you can decide and only to how you want me to lose weight or lose weight if longer the case.

Formula: (height - 100) + (age / 10) x 0.9; Example: (163 cm - 100) + (23/10) x 0.9 = 58.77 = 58 kg weight that is right for such a case. Now some people will say ... 'yes', remains like a fat even if we colacel ideal weight ". Here it intervenes and going to the gym, and abdomen have worked to strengthen the muscles. Do not forget the three rules above so that only a joining together and balanced diet can help to achieve the desired shape.

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