What if money didn't matter?

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"Live your dream, life is short" was a blog I posted a few weeks back:


And this blog is something I want to build on a little more today. The Holstee Manifesto (see blog above) suggests how you should live your life, and its to live life how you want to live it... if you don't like your job, quit it, start doing the things you love... it goes on. And it sounds incredibly ideal... however many people would say that yes, that's ideal, but it's just not logical...

That's why I want to post this video, a speech by Alan Watts:


Which I think, explains the slightly more logistical side of this ideal world. If you do what you love, and do it well... eventually you will be good enough to get paid at what you do. Too many people out there have similar interests for you to be alone in yours... which means that anything you want to do is reachable!

I love this, I think its so inspiring. Please do have a watch of it, I can't do it justice! Alan Watts passion in his speech is incredible... his belief that everyone can do what their passion is in life, and still be able to get by in life is infectious... and something I have really taken on board.

And its not only our generation (or perhaps the one before) that he wants to reach out to... he speaks about how our children watch us go to work everyday... literally just to make money and hate what we do, which therefore leads them to do the same thing. He suggests we all change it up, and start giving back to the world the talents and passions that we have built in... perhaps that way, the world will be a more beautiful, art filled, free place... and there'll be no one serving fries in mc donalds which will solve another of the worlds problems!

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