what is generation gap and its problems and how we solve these problems

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Generation gap is a very important thing So i decided to talk about this and share his ides and thoughts because it make and break our life due to small problem.Difference in opinions,values,attitudes and lifestyle among different aged peoples are known as generation gap.

Due to all these qualities peoples belonged to different generation find themselves unable to relate to each other,Successive generation between this communication gap is not a new phenomenon.In all the world parents are children face this problem.

Due to fast and modern lifestyle parents hardly find some time for his child,thus children unable to tell his thoughts and opinions and also his ideas to theirs parents.These children pass all the time with his friends and many children due to this goes on the wrong way.

Today's children are born in a very competitive world and have a struggle to get every thing.Parents are busy in outside works and do not give attention on his children.But some parents feel that their children require a guidance and this is duty to protect their children.

But their constant monitoring makes children feel oppressed and they tends to turn rebellious.Parents should be treated with love because generation gap can at least be narrowed,if not completely filled.

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