What is Life ?

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“When you will tease me i will create problems for you “

“When you will not give me importance I will destroy your whole life”

 But “If you give me importance that I deserve then you will get what do you even can’t imagine”

Nice but strong lines said by life to me and I spent my whole life to understand them.  These are not simple lines but are capitulating of thousands of people lives and I don’t understand why people don’t take a lesson from it.

Simple lesson given in these lines is that if you hurt others, you can’t live your life in peace. Let’s hurry up and start rewarding others with what we have snatched from them, very short interval .This life is for very short interval so get hurry up. Help others in different ways, may be that will be your last moments in this world and you will become a source of happiness for others. Make mistakes by trying different things but remember also prepare for its results or destruction made by your mistakes so make mistakes but only that one that are affordable.


Give your life an importance by spending it in good things. Do not waste time of your life , even single second is important not in mathematical form but it’s gain importance by the property it have that is unrecoverable. This is the most teasing and horrible fact of our life is that we can’t even make replica of single second.

At last If you will respect  your life then you will be rewarded what do you even can’t imagine. Please stop doing same mistakes, try different one. Please stop trusting on fake people, try different ones. Please used same example during elections. Please don’t trust on fake Politician’s please try a new one.

I end up with only  saying “ love your life and live your life but only for the sake of others” that will give you a real happiness. Helping others should be the one of the goal of your life. Make others happy and live your life full of happiness.


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