What is marriage and why we are bound to follow its rules in society

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Marriage and Islamic point of view

The concept of marriage is same in all religions but the methods are different.

Before I tell you how and why is the difference ,here take a little glance on "Marriage".

The story Allah mentiones in the Quran: "As we said "O Adam Peace be upon him dwell, you and your wife in paradise . They were also instructed not to eat the fruit of a particular tree. This same time Iblis had an account to settle with him due to the fact that because of Adam Peace be upon him, he Iblis, was thrown out of paradise.But Satan whispered evil To him: he said, O Adam! Shall I lead thee to The Tree of Eternity And to a kingdom That never decays? In the result, they both Ate of the tree, and so Their nakedness appeared To them: they began to sew together, for their covering, Leaves from the Garden 

This paragraph gives us a lesson that when they eat the fruit their nudity appeared and they felt some shame from each other.God made these part of body for  continuity  of our race and reproduction.

God has impose some restrictions on this and not allowed to make this process in public or in front of any one. Following the rules of God all nations are on the way of God' teaching.

In all countries and all religions the process of marriage is necessary and the marriage ceremony should be take place in the presence of the family,parents and citizens to make it legal and all are informed that they are now couple and they allowed to do pleasure from each other and make their own family .

In all religions the making a unfair relation with a woman are strictly prohibited. In Islam, there is a big sin who make unfair relation with a women.Islam allows to keep four Wives at a time but with equal rights.But if u fear that you could  not give them equal right then keep you with one wife.Once a woman questioned that why women are not allowed to keep more then one husband as the men have right ,the answer was ''

How a woman will define the father of a child when two men touched her." Single Parents are common in other nation except Islamic countries.

The single parents children are often deprived from their right due to they have no father's name for them.A man and woman lives with each other for many years and they have children but under law they can only show them when thy got married.then the children has right to call them parents in books.think how miserable situation can be faces by a child when he or she thrown out of some place due to single parents.

Marriage is a gift from God for us .



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