What the hell is this Earth doing!?

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Hey guys, how’s everything? The title written above is somewhat obscure. I mean you may not get the idea of this short article just by reading the heading. But I’ll explain to you in a very precise and short term. This way please…

 We all live in this headache earth. Wherever we live and whatever attitudes we have, we live in a planet were things become worse and worse every new day. Sometimes I ask God why this did happen and what should be done to make it slightly hearting but the answer is more than what I’ve imagined. Every 24 hours, popular world news gives us crazy reports ever. You know the reports (like War, robbery, millions of diseases, political distortion, economic crisis, social failure, technological paradox etc.)

    One man once said,’ In the universe there are trillion times trillion starts and planets but the most hooking and headache producer planet is the earth were few bunch of population(seven billion) troubles every single second.’ I think he is right; more than any other times, our planet is going to a place where nothing has its own negative impact. Even on our latest technologies, we have missed our social ‘offline’ interactions and we almost move to the ‘online’ platform. Our children have no idea of playing outside, fishing, and dancing, helping families and so on. We just allow them a space for playing and thinking as the online computerized technologies do. This is awful and ridiculous!

   The political dissolution coming in to all of the continents is very dangerous! All countries around the world are moving to satisfy their higher authorities and ignore the majority population. It becomes a dream to get nice job even if you are the holder of two or three degrees. Being employed is too difficult in our times than before so that citizens can’t live accordingly. Always struggling to live is such a boring and hopeless circumstance. Sometimes I wonder what type of planet I am living and repeatedly asked myself ‘what the hell is this Earth!?’…I just leave it to God since our politicians, scientists, economists, doctors, engineers, social experts and Business men can’t answer and will never be! They may have some ‘temporarily’ outlook but their methodologies can’t go further. The global warming, the terrorist attacks and religious in secularity added another trouble to our community.

So what should we do? Should we change the policy of the world? Should we economically grow to foster the development of developing countries…or else…? One thing that I can logically be sure to myself be that ….all of the current complicated challenges will become higher and higher and there will be no ‘cure’ for that. In my opinion, the only thing that we must do is to seek the Lord in our economy, politics, social stuffs, health, education and so forth. Your level of expertise, your knowledge skills and educational background may give you a clue to move forward but never show you the best way to cross the ‘killer river’. Turn your face to God and trust him. Otherwise your economic strength and political stability will never be a guarantee for your next step.





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I am Hailemichael yihun,25, from Ethiopia.I have studied primary and secondary education in Ethiopian schools.Then I have joined local university in Ethiopia studying Civil engineering and now I am a graduated civil Engineer.I am a prolific writer,student and blogger.

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