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Folic acid can be found in black beans, asparagus, spinach, fruit and juice, lentils, grains, flour ... very beneficial for pregnant women.

The first three months is one of the most important stages of the fetus. So immediately after receiving the good news, the mother elected to apply immediately sensible diet to ensure optimal development of fetal and maternal health.

Eat lots of black beans, asparagus, fruit ...

Folic acid is an important nutrient during pregnancy, has been shown to be effective in significantly reducing the risk of birth defects in the fetus and supports the normal development of cells in the body. Women at risk of pregnancy birth defects, such as the anti-epileptic drug, a prescription will need to have high levels of folic acid.

In addition, pregnant mothers can also select folate-rich foods such as black beans, asparagus, spinach, fruit and juice, lentils, grains, flour ...

Beef and chicken supply iron

Beef and chicken are good sources of iron provide excellent. In addition, some plants also provide iron as spinach, lentils and legumes in particular in general ... But iron from plant sources is difficult to absorb than animal. Therefore, mothers should vegetarian iron supplement from the drug.

Eat more fish

Fish consumption during pregnancy is good for the development of the fetus. The nutrient-rich fish including anchovies, catfish, herring, salmon, pollock, cod and shrimp. However, you should also stay away from certain types of fish have high mercury content like swordfish, tilefish, mackerel and sharks.

Increase healthy fats

Salmon is a source of Omega-3 wonderful pregnancy. Besides, walnuts and flaxseed, but also a lot of healthy fats.

Calcium Supplement

Calcium is essential for bone formation and development in the fetus. Therefore, mothers should ensure adequate supply of calcium during pregnancy. 1000 mg of calcium per day is appropriate content for the pregnant woman.

Eat more fiber

Constipation is a common phenomenon of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the mother's body stagnation, including the digestive system. Advice for mothers is real convergence criteria in fiber (28-30 g per day) and drinking enough water for the body to function smoothly as possible.

Say no to alcohol and reduce caffeine

Doctor Weiner - Chairman of Obstetrics at the University of Kansas (USA) - said: "Alcohol has been shown to be at risk of causing birth defects in an unborn baby as well as threats to the mental development of young. A little alcohol may not affect the mother but it is a major threat to the pregnancy. "Pregnant mother should be careful with caffeine, should only use a small amount each day to ensure the health of mother and baby.

Do not eat too much

Excessive maternal weight gain during pregnancy can lead to heart disease, obesity and diabetes innate to the fetus. In fact, pregnant women only need about 300 calories per day, so you should be smart food choices to ensure both adequate nutrition, just to avoid taking on too much food.


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