What will be the top 10 tech trends for 2016?

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Always a good read, so we figured we’d flag: tech ‘dealmaker’ GP Bullhound has released its annual report predicting the top 10 technology trends for 2016. The London-born firm has made its research report available online for free, sodownload the PDF now and check it out.

The report will be presented at roundtables in January and February in Paris, San Francisco, Stockholm, Malmö, Berlin, Munich, London and Manchester. Or you can just read it this weekend.

Here’s a sneak peek at GP Bullhound’s findings:

1. Virtual reality becomes reality

2. “Quantified Self” transitions from niche to mainstream

3. Automobile industry ripe for innovation

4. Alternative lending continues to shine brightly in Fintech sector

5. Gaming giants fortify positions in top grossing charts

6. Digital video becomes more measured to keep growing up

7. “Deskless” workers come to forefront in enterprise mobility shift

8. Cybersecurity continues soul searching

9. Drones will fly into headwinds of uncertainty

10. Unicorn hunting now in season

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