What Will Be Your Reaction In This Situation?

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Just a simple and straight forward question to all the bubblers. I will give you the situation in points so that it will be easier for you to read.

1. You vote for one candidate.
2. The candidate gets elected.
3. In due course of time you see that candidate has siphoned lots of money.
4. Court punishes the candidate.
5. That candidate goes in jail.

Now this is a very plain and simple case study. Can I call it a case study? I don't know!

Because I voted that candidate, and now it(IT) is in jail, shall I ask the schools to remain closed?
What reason will be put forth in front of the children - "That someone is convicted by the court of law and we should show our displeasure and disrespect the court." or any other reason?

What do you think, these students will learn?

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