What would desperation make you do?

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I see the news where people of war torn countries leave with just the clothes on their back and then end up in conditions they didn't expect. Why would they do that? It's sad to see in the news that people would go to those lengths braving the environmental elements and then governmental controls on them from not entering certain countries.

They are fleeing war and they have nowhere to go. Why would a person(s) do that? I wonder sometimes what I would do? I probably would do the same thing but I'm not that desperate yet. The plight of people when it comes to life and death makes my problems minute when compared to them.

Whatever problems that are facing me mean nothing if it comes between choosing to die or live. Now that has put a fire under my bush this morning to tackle life one on one. And whatever is on my agenda today I know I can finish and beat.

I am not desperate and I am glad that I am not but knowing there are other people in the world that would think that I am in an ideal spot makes me wonder why. But I will take that aspect of life and be grateful for my condition and accept it.

How would you deal with desperation?


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